Children’s University

Welcome to the Children’s University Learning Destination, Kristin’s Poems for Kids!

Have you got your passport ready?

To receive a stamp, you can either:

Read some of the poems on this website. There are plenty to choose from: poems about animals, beach poems, poems in the sky (my favourites!), school poems, silly poems and zoo poems.

Once you’ve chosen a poem you really like, leave a comment in the comment box under the poem.

What do you comment on? Anything you like. But here are some suggestions:
Tell me why you chose this poem.
What did you like about it?
Does the poem remind you of anything you’ve done or anyone you know?
Comment about the images the poem paints in your head.
What words did you particularly like in the poem?
Did you notice any figurative language, such as alliteration, similes, metaphors or personification?
Did the poem rhyme, or not rhyme?

Your comment and my reply will be posted on the website within about a week. You will need to check back on the website, find your comment and my reply posted under the poem, and show them to your School Coordinator, who will issue a stamp for 30 minutes for the poem conversation.

Or you can write a poem! You can try some of the poems on the Write a Poem page, or write a poem of your choice. Post it in the comments section on the Your Poems page. I look forward to reading it! I will approve it and leave a comment about it within a week, which you can show to your School Co-ordinator for a 30 minute stamp.

For more information about Children’s University see their website.

24 thoughts on “Children’s University

  1. Hi my son Blake did a couple of poems last week on ‘last night i saw something’ and ‘playground fight’ just waiting for you to reply so he can get his passport stamped thank you.

    • Hi,

      I’ve approved and replied to Blake’s lovely comments.

      I’ve changed my time frame to reply to comments to a week, because I can’t always get to them two or three times a week, and I know it’s frustrating to look and find the replies aren’t up yet.

      Thanks for your patience.


  2. Hi Kristin,
    My boys wrote 2 comments last weekend for children university stamps. I noticed from previous comments that you had problems receiving them. So I’m wondering did you get our comments for “Crocodile at the Beach” and “A Spider Lives in our Mailbox”.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Jaslyn,

      Thanks for your patience. I just read and approved their lovely comments. They’ll find the replies under the poems they commented on. I try to read and reply to comments once or twice a week, and the last time I did so was about half an hour before your boys commented.


  3. Hi Kristin,
    My son made comments about 2 poems and we even can’t see our own comment or a reply. Please kindly tell me where could possibly gone wrong.


    • Hi Ruwini,

      Thank you for your patience. The comments do not appear on my website until they have been approved, as unfortunately I get a lot of spam comments. I try to get to them once or twice a week to approve them. Unfortunately I do not get time every day as I also work as a teacher.

      I have approved your sons lovely comments. They now appear under the poems he commented on.

      kind regards


  4. Hi my son read your poems and commented on ‘Last night I saw something’ but he’s just waiting for you to comment so he can receive a stamp in his passport. Thanks!

    • Hi Aleasha,

      I’m sorry that your son is still waiting for my reply, but I’ve replied to all the comments I’ve received. I haven’t received a comment on that poem this year, so there has been a problem somewhere. Is he able to comment again?

      kind regards


  5. Hi My daughter read all your poems last week and commented on ‘spider in my mailbox’ poem. It has note yet been posted and she has not yet had a response to get her children’s university passport stamped.

    • Hi Emmy,

      I’m sorry I have not replied to your daughter’s comment yet, but I will do so today! The notifications haven’t been coming through to me, so I didn’t realise I had any comments.

      kind regards


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