I Love Words


Crevasse is a cool word
that cruises from my mouth.
Frenzied and flailing just flit off my tongue,
leaving me feeling fine.

I love to say the word tenacious
it makes my teeth tingle,
while archipelago causes me to gasp with astonishment
at my ability to pronounce it at all!

I can’t go past the word ganglion
without getting goose bumps,
and I adore the words ultimatum, ulterior and ultramarine,
although I’d need a dictionary to understand them.

But it really doesn’t matter what they mean:
I simply love words!

© Kristin Martin 2106

36 thoughts on “I Love Words

  1. Hi Kristin,
    I search up the longest word in the world and it was this…
    pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis meaning lung disease or something thing!!!? I’m not sure if it is actually a word but I did search it on google and it was a word!!! Love your poems can’t wait to read another!!! Ps. In case you thought I wrote that word down letter by letter I didn’t I just copied the word of google!!!
    Clara ❤️

    • Hi Clara,

      I love your long word! I’ve never heard it before, but I know ‘pneumon’ means lung, because it is like pneumonia which is a lung infection.

      I’m glad you love words too!


  2. Hello Kristin,
    I love words because words have meaning! You can say words that are mean and bad, or you can say words that are nice and good!


  3. Hi Kristin
    I loved how nice and humourous this poem is. I liked how you said that is doesn’t matter what the words mean, I just love words. I also love words. My favourite word has to be Pseudoachondroplasia, as it baffles people when I say it!! What is your favourite word??

  4. Hi Kristen
    I liked that poem of yours because it had words that I had no idea existed.Also the words were very hard to say.

      • Hi Kristin,
        yes I read lots of your poems. But my school library doesn’t have any of your poetry books. And my school is called Trinity Gardens Primary School.

  5. Hi Kristin
    I love words. I cant imagine a world without words. Can you? I sometimes have to look in a google dictionary to pronounce some words and I still cant pronounce some words.Aquamarine is a great color.

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