Welcome Swallows’ Nest

When I was only little,
and was animal obsessed,
the beam beneath our carport
held a welcome swallow’s nest.

How I adored those swallows!
I would squeal in pure delight
while watching zippy arrows
dip and soar in graceful flight.

Their babies were the cutest
with their fluffy feathered cheeks,
all chirping chee-chee chee-chee
with their too-big yellow beaks.

And when the chicks grew older
it was such a joyous thrill
when mum and dad and babies
perched upon our window sill.

But then, one stormy Sunday,
our old carport roof went crack!
We quickly built a new one
but the birds did not come back.

So now that I’m much older,
having finished junior school,
and I’m obsessed with…really…
I like anything that’s cool,

yet still, I’m so excited!
I am sure that you’ll have guessed:
there are swallows in our carport
and they’re building a new nest!

© Kristin Martin 2023