My class is so lucky.
This term we’re learning about lifecycles,
so my teacher brought in some tadpoles-
three big black commas
swimming around in a plastic aquarium
right beside our desks.

We named them
and Spot.

Freddo was the first to grow
more legs
then his tail shrunk
until his body was a fat full stop.

‘But what do we do with our frog?’
asked Mrs Chugg with a frown.
My hand shot up quicker than a speeding mosquito.
‘I’ve got a pond!’
So, she poked some holes in a butter tub
and sent Freddo home with me.
‘Lucky duck,’ said Ben.

I carried my precious passenger
down the street
around the back
then knelt beside our weedy pond
and gently tipped him in.

Freddo swam to a lily pad
half scrambled on and gazed around
at the water
and grassy bank
before frog-kicking into the murky depths.

Compared to Kermit and Spot,
I’d say he’s pretty lucky.

© Kristin Martin 2017

A version of this poem is in my poetry book, To Rhyme or Not to Rhyme (Glimmer Press, 2019).