A Spot

A Spot

I am staring at my ceiling
and I’ve got this funny feeling
in my tummy, ‘cause I’m kneeling
right beneath a little spot.

But this spot I see while kneeling
is determinedly stealing
right across my bedroom ceiling.
It is not a normal spot.

And the spot is now revealing
how it crawls across my ceiling
with its eight long legs cart-wheeling
up and down around the spot.

I can hear myself start squealing
‘cause I know with what I’m dealing
and it’s not at all appealing.
It is time to leave this spot!

© Kristin Martin 2013

76 thoughts on “A Spot

  1. HI Kristin,
    I liked you poem it reminded me of when I was laying on my bed relaxing while looking up at the ceiling, suddenly there was small black spot floating above me!

      • Hi Kristin
        My Name is Edward and I really like your poem a spot
        and I have been learning about poems at school.
        I also like your poem because it has a lot of riming words. I did one about a spider sort of like a dot.

        • Hi Edward,

          I’m glad you like my poem, ‘A Spot’. I recited it at a school last week during a workshop on performing poetry, and it is now one of my favourite poems. Do you recite poems at school? I think it is a fun thing to do because then you can put more expression and emotion into the poem than you would if you just read it.


  2. Hi Kristin
    I really like this poem because I really like the way you did not use the word spider and sort of described what it was and what it was doing. I also liked the rhyming and it is always enjoying to read your poems because they rhyme and they are enjoyable. what is your favourite type of spider? Mines is a funnel-web spider.

    • Hi Vinuk,

      I like how you thought about my poem so much. That poem was really fun to write. My favourite spider is a huntsman. I must admit that funnel-web spiders scare me!


  3. Hi Kristin I love how much you described the spot on the ceiling. I saw when I was scrolling down it was a spider and before I knew it was a spider because of how well you described it.

  4. Hi Kristin,
    You described the spot really well I didn’t even have to look at the picture to know it was a spider !!!! I sometimes get spiders on the ceiling of our house but we can hardly see them because the spiders we are really tiny!!! Thank you for this amazing poem !!!!
    Clara ❤️

  5. That was really good my favourite bit was that you said it was a normal spot but in the end it wasn’t !!! ☺️☺️☺️ It was very unique.

  6. Hi kristin
    Did this really happen to you ? I would be so scared if it fell on me because once my sister was outside in the garden and when she came back she had a giant daddy long legs on her hair.

  7. Hi Kristen
    I really enjoyed that poem. The key part I enjoyed were the way you explained the spot. Was the spot a spider? Because I once had the same problem I was reading a book in my room then all of a sudden the spot moved then I realised the spot was’t a spot at all it was a spider.
    From Thinara

  8. Hi Kristin
    I liked how you said that it was not a normal spot, because it wasn’t! This poem was very creative and well put together. Did this actually happen to you?

  9. Hi Kristin

    I chose this poem because it made me laugh and I liked when you screamed the most. I liked the word determinately the most of all,
    and it was funny how the spider cart-wheeling across you ceiling.

    • Hi Connor,

      I love the word determinately too! I love long words when I know what they mean. I also like the idea of spiders cart-wheeling across my ceiling- though maybe not in real life!


  10. Hi Kristin
    I liked how you told the reader that it wasn’t just a normal spot, it was a spider. I think it was a really good poem Kristin.

  11. Hi Kristin
    I loved this poem.This was my favorite poem I’ve read so far. I loved it because it was really catchy and it all rhymed as well so that is why I loved the poem.

  12. Hi, Kristin! I am not too scared of spiders but I would not like to hold one! I chose this poem because it sounded different and funny. I liked how it rhymed and how some words were repeated. If that spider was in my room I would probably scream!


  13. I would be so afraid if there ever was a spider in my room. I always get so jumpy and frightened when I see videos of huge spiders.
    Are you scared of spiders Kristin?

  14. to kristin
    i really like your poem about the spot because
    at the start of the poem i did not know what the spot was so it was very interesting at the start
    from charlotte

  15. I love spiders their my favourite animal my most favourite spider is the red-back but I haven’t seen it in real life before.

  16. I don’t mind if a spider is on our ceiling but I would hate it if there are any on the floor! I really like this poem, I have been reading it again and again because I like it so much ; this is the best one I have read so far. I like the rhymes a lot, they are nice! I have had a lot of spiders to deal with in our house but now I am happy because I now know that other people have had these incidents a lot and it is not just me.

    • Hi Thisali,

      Thank you for your beautiful comment. I don’t mind spiders on the ceiling, but I don’t want them to jump on my head. I guess the spiders don’t want to jump on my head though, because they always stay on the ceiling.

      I had fun with the rhymes when I wrote this poem. I’m glad you wrote them.


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