Something In My Pocket

There is something in my pocket.
Whatever can it be?
I don’t remember putting something in there recently.

I am not sure I should touch it.
I don’t know if I dare.
It might be cold and slimy or it could be sprouting hair.

There is something in my pocket.
It feels a little odd.
At least it isn’t slimy. I could try another prod.

But now I feel more nervous and
I don’t know what to do!
That something in my pocket has just broken into two!

There are somethings in my pocket.
Of that, I have no doubt.
And as they’re making me upset, I think I’ll take them out.

© Kristin Martin 2013

48 thoughts on “Something In My Pocket

  1. This poem reminded me of a poem my mom read to me as a child…I only recall the first and part of the second line

    “What has I dots in my pottets?
    I gots strings ‘n things…”

    If anyone knows this poem I’d be so grateful to learn more!

  2. Hi Kristin,
    Thank you for this poem!!! It really makes me wonder what was actually inside that pocket !!! I love it when poems end of with a cliffhanger!!!! It is just like a book series once you read the first one and it ends of with a cliffhanger I would usually want to get the next book to find out what happens next!!! Do you ever feel that way??? Don’t stop writing me and my brother really love your poems!!!
    Clara ❤️

  3. This poem reminded me of my blazer which is full of junk and reminded me that I need to clean it out. There was a great sense of rhythm to this poem which had more humour to the poem. This poem would have to be one of my favourites and one of the most relatable.

  4. Hi Kristin
    All I have in my pocket, usually, is dust
    It’s weird. I don’t know how it gets in there, anyway, I loved how you left the reader on a cliffhanger! It was very creative! I loved this poem! Bye

    • Hi Caleb,

      What do you think it was? I was hoping the readers would use their imagination and think of what it could be. ( I really don’t know what it was!)


  5. Hi Kristen
    That poem really made me interested in what was in the pocket. We’re did you get the idea of this poem? What was in the pocket any way? Nice poem!
    From Thinara

  6. Hi Kristin
    This poem gives me a certain amount of suspense, and we don’t know what is in the pocket. I liked how it was very creative, and left the reader on a cliff hanger. What was really in the pocket in the first place?

    • Hi Thisama,

      I still have a pencil in my coat pocket that I found when I was on yard duty a couple of months ago. I think my coat sounds like your jacket.


  7. Hello Kristen! I stuff heaps of junk into my pockets like rubbish. The bad thing is that there is a hole in one and things keep falling out. How annoying do you think that is?

  8. Hi Kristin!

    Your poem was pretty funny. If it was my pocket, It must be a build eraser. But it might be something else. It might be something that is glass. Or a ring?

    Or it must be something which is foam?


  9. Congratulations on your poems Kristin. This one is definitely my favourite though. Very clever. Keep on writing…..All the best, Graeme.

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