A Water Drop’s Adventure

I’d like to be a water drop,
that’s what I’d like to be.
I’d float with other water drops
out in the wide blue sea.

Until, one warm and sunny day,
I’d rise into the sky.
You might say I’d evaporate,
but I’d say I would fly.

I’d fly with other water drops,
we’d soar in bath-warm air.
But soon we’d cool and we’d condense.
So what? I wouldn’t care.

I’d be together with my friends.
We’d be a big white cloud!
We’d look majestic in the sky.
I’m sure I would feel proud.

The wind would push us tenderly
across the sea to land.
I’d watch the water far below
lap gently on the sand.

But soon we’d reach the mountain range
and float up far too high.
The air would grow too cold for clouds!
We’d have to say goodbye.

Our cloud would have to break apart.
Each drop would meet their fate.
You’d either say we’d fall as rain,
or we’d precipitate.

Once on the ground I’d trickle down
until I reached a creek.
That creek would carry me toward
the bottom of the peak.

Our creek would merge with other creeks;
a river we would be.
We’d rush downhill past trees and fields
and flow into the sea.

My journey would be at an end.
I’d be where I’d begun.
But I could do it all again!
Now wouldn’t that be fun?

© Kristin Martin 2017

This poem is also in my poetry book, To Rhyme or Not to Rhyme? (Glimmer Press, 2019).