Voices in the Classroom

This poem is based on the poem “Voices of Water” by Tony Mitton.
It was written in collaboration with Room 16 Year 3 students at Fulham North Primary School, 2018.


The feet in the classroom say
stomp stomp
The bags in the classroom say
 flomp flomp

The pencils in the classroom say
scritch scratch
The sharpeners in the classroom say
zitch zatch

The clock in the classroom says
tick tick
The fingers in the classroom say
flick flick

The books in the classroom say
flip flap
The chairs in the classroom say
scratch scratch

The paper in the classroom says
swish swish
The heater in the classroom says
shish shish

The scissors in the classroom say
snip snip
The tap in the classroom says
drip drip

The whiteboard markers in the classroom say
squeak squeak
The door in the classroom says
creak creak

The drink bottles in the classroom say
slurp slurp
The students in the classroom say
Be quiet!
We’re trying to work!

44 thoughts on “Voices in the Classroom

  1. Hi Kristin,
    I would be sooo disruptive if you had all of those noises in ONE classroom! Clara and I do not have to go through all of that noise now that we homeschool!

  2. Hi Kristin,
    I love how you made each inanimate object sort of “talk”!! I can definitely relate to the children at the end of the poem who got annoyed by the noise!! Also, how long did it take for you to come with the poem with all the rhyming?? ( I know it would have taken me a long time!!)


    • Hi Amaya,

      Thanks for your comment. I actually had help with this poem. I read Tony Mitton’s poem ‘Voices of Water’, to a year 3 class, then asked them to write a poem about their classroom. We started it together, then they continued on their own. So at the end, I put all their ideas together, tweaked them so they all rhymed, and had a poem!


  3. Hi Kristin,
    I do homeschooling with my sister Clara! There are only two people in the house (not including our Mum, Dad, Grammy or brother) so it isn’t too noisy.

    When I used to go to school, stop talking was said a lot! It was really distracting.


  4. Hi Kristin
    I liked how nicely this poem rhymed. It almost sounded like a classroom version of “The Wheels on the bus” which was a coincidence. It was a great poem, and what inspired you to write this poem??

    • Hi Tharusha,

      I’m so glad you like my poems and I can see that you have spent a lot of time reading them and commenting on them. Your comments and questions are very interesting. Unfortunately, I do not have time to reply to each one of your comments. I ask that students only comment on one poem.

      If you write any poems of your own, I would very much like to read one. You can send it though the comment section on my Children’s University page.

      kind regards


  5. Hi Kristin
    I liked how you said all the sounds the classroom makes but my favourite sound to hear was “Be quiet! We’re trying to work!”
    Thanks for the great poem.

  6. Hi Kristin ,
    Love this poem❤️. I always enjoy reading your poems. I love your work and you inspire me so much!! When I do Homeschooling with my brother we don’t have so much noise! It would be so distracting! ☺️.
    – Clara ❤️

    • Hi Clara,

      Thanks for your lovely comment. I’m glad my poems inspire you. Have you written some poems that you re proud of?

      I think home schooling would be lovely. I work part-time as a teacher, and some days it is a bit too noisy for me!


  7. Sometimes even teachers are disturbed by sounds. Like in my old school the bottles would make weird noises and the teacher would say next time I hear the bottle is out the window.

    – Thisama

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