Spring Whether

The weather in Springtime is very uncertain.
It can’t decide whether it’s hot or it’s cold.
It doesn’t know whether to pour or to sprinkle
or whether to simply keep raindrops on hold.

The weather in Springtime is quite indecisive,
and that’s why you’ll find in a week, or a day,
it’ll rain and be sunny and cold and too hot.
We never know whether we’ll go out to play!

© Kristin Martin 2018

This poem was first published in The Caterpillar, Issue 20, Spring 2018. It is also in my poetry book, To Rhyme or Not to Rhyme? (Glimmer Press, 2019).

45 thoughts on “Spring Whether

  1. Hi Kristin
    I love spring because it is the time when my birthday is and when you go outside it looks beautiful. Why I do not like spring at the same time is because I get hay-fever.

  2. Hi Kristin,
    My favourite season is actually Spring because during Spring it is my birthday !!! Love your poems, I must force my brother Caleb Varley to read this poem I am sure he will love it ALMOST as much as I love it !!! You are soooo talented!!!!

    – Clara ❤️

    • Hi Clara,

      Thank you! And happy birthday! It is about half way through spring, so your birthday has either been in the last month and a half, or is in the next month and a half!


  3. I really like the way you used rhyming words.I really like the way you used the homophones. It was an AMAZING poem!Even I feel the uncertainty of weather!!!

  4. Hi Kristen
    That was a great poem. Why did you want to write the poem? How do you come up with the idea of this poem? Also what is your favourite season?
    From Thinara

  5. Hi Kristin
    This poem was so nice to read, I could read it all day!! I liked how you used the homophones of weather and whether. What gave you inspiration for this poem, because it was amazing!!

  6. Dear Kristin,
    I thought that was a great poem. You are spot on
    about the weather, the cold days, the hot days, and the beautiful
    sunny days in between. I love it went it lightly rains on the roof at night or when you wake up to the warm sun coming though the window. You are an AWESOME poet.
    From Elena

    • Thank you, Elena, for our wonderful comment. It is so lovely to be called an awesome poet! This poem was a lot of fun to write, playing with the words weather/ whether. I do like spring weather too.


  7. Dear Kristin
    I agree with you. I still can’t decide if Spring is a time of warmth or coldness. It is extremely confusing. Why did you choose to write a poem like this? It is incredibly interesting.

  8. Hi Kristin,

    Yes you are correct. Today the whether is similar like that. We went to the park with our friends in the hot weather but it turned windy and cold suddenly in the afternoon. So we came back home soon. I couldn’t play enough.

    Thanks for the poem. I enjoyed it,


  9. Spring is an unusual season. It has it’s positives and negatives such as hayfever happens and then there are new plants and beauty of nature. But the poem is beautiful.

  10. Great poem!
    I was born in Spring but its one of my least favourite seasons because of the unpredictable weather and hay fever, I prefer Autumn or Winter. What about you?

  11. I love spring time because of all the new flowers that come and because it means its almost time to get in the pool.
    Cadence K

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