My Greens

There’s a lettuce in my wardrobe
and some spinach by my bed.
Something green was on my pillow
now it’s green goo on my head.

There is bok choy by my mirror,
and some snow peas in my drawer,
and I think I saw a cabbage
right behind my bedroom door.

While I don’t know what they’re up to
or what any of this means,
if I want a tidy bedroom
I had better eat my greens.

© Kristin Martin 2012

This poem also appears on the website Australian Children’s Poetry as a Poem of the Day.

51 thoughts on “My Greens

  1. Hi Kristin,
    Here in Australia I’m not sure if you have heard but a few months ago Woolworths had a discovery garden where if you spent $30 or more you got a plant !!! All the plants were greens !!! So now we have got billions of bok Choi, spinach, cabbage stuff like that!!! What is you favourite green!!! Mine is capsicum!!! Love you poems !!!
    Clara ❤️

  2. Hi Kristen
    That poem was very cool and amazing. I like greens. Do you? Also why did you want to write this poem.

  3. Hi Kristin
    I loved this poem because it basically seemed like the greens wanted or revenge, or your parents! It is like greens are everywhere. Do you like greens? And did this actually happen to you?

  4. Hi kristin i love zucchini to i like to eat the outside of it then the inside also the bedroom would stink with all those veggies from sophie

  5. Hi Kristin
    My two favourite greens are cucumber and lettuce!!!
    My least favourite green is cabbage.

    P.S. My other favourite green is peas!

    P.P.S. What’s your favourite green?

  6. Hi Kristin
    I wonder if the veggies had legs and walked to the room?
    This poem is one of your best poems I have ever read so far.


  7. This poem is very funny. A lot of people hate eating their greens so I bet that the vegetables felt unwanted and sad and also angry – that’s why they came up to your room. It must have been scary!

  8. I basically only like broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, sweetcorn and beetroot. I really, really, really, really, really hate sprouts. i would not like it one bit if vegetables came in my bedroom. I really like your poems.
    Ashton B

    • Hi Methuli,

      I really like green vegetables. I’m glad to hear that you do too.

      I wrote the poem from the point of view of a child, as many children don’t like green vegetables.


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