Poetry Links

Here are some of my favourite Australian poetry websites.

Australian Children’s Poetry showcases contemporary Australian children’s poets and their poems. They publish a Poem of the Day, which you can subscribe to.

Alys Jackson is a poet and short story writer based in Adelaide, South Australia. Her website contains wonderful, funny poems for children, as well as short stories, and poems for adults.

Jackie Hosking is a children’s author and poet. I love her poem The Moon. Which is your favourite?

Janeen Brian is a South Australian children’s writer and poet. You can read some of her delightful poems on her website.

June Perkins is the author of the poetry book Magic Fish Dreaming. She has a poetry blog called Ripple Poetry.

Kate O’Neil is an Australian poet. Her website has a lovely collection of her poems for you to read.

Kathryn Apel is a children’s author and poet. Look at the ‘Whiskers of Poetry’ on her website to discover some different types of poetry.

Mike Lucas is a poet and children’s author. His website has a heap of wonderful, silly poems for you to read, and a few lovely, sensible ones too.

Poetry4kids is the poetry website of children’s author and poet, Sherryl Clark. Her website is aimed at reading and writing poetry.

Science Rhymes is the website of Celia Berrell. She has a wonderful selection of science poems, many of which are relevant to the science curriculum.