The Wise Old Flamingo

Flamingo is the oldest
of the creatures at the zoo.
She’s lived for many decades,
and she seems quite happy, too.

So she’s the perfect creature
who you’d go to for advice
on how to stay quite cheerful
and to live a life that’s nice.

I visited, last Monday,
her enclosure at the zoo.
I waded in and asked her,
‘what are things I ought to do?’
She didn’t make a sound
but there was hardly any need.
Her actions spoke quite loudly
there amongst the water weed

She showed me very clearly
just the perfect way to be:
stand quietly,
in water,
on one foot, preferably.

© Kristin Martin 2014

52 thoughts on “The Wise Old Flamingo

  1. Hello Kristin
    I am Jash I like that poem because flamingos are graceful animals and flamingos have nice colored feathers when did you make the poem and how old was the flamingo.

    • Hi Jash,

      I wrote this poem at least 8 years ago. The poem was about the flamingo at the Adelaide Zoo. They weren’t quite sure how old she was, but at least 60. In fact they weren’t sure if it was a boy or a girl until she died 2 years ago. I should change the poem from ‘he’ to ‘she’, as they now know she was a girl.


  2. Hi Kristin, my sister, Clara, likes flamingos and thinks the’re graceful when I think flamingos are rather nice looking animals!

    What’s your thought on flamingos?

  3. Flamingoes are a beautiful type of bird and have always been one of my favourite animals. After reading this poem, a calm feeling washed over me as I thought about the peaceful way the flamingo stands so gracefully. Great Poem

  4. Hi Kristin,
    I love this poem but then again when have I ever disliked any of your poems !!!! Flamingos look like very graceful animals and if you haven’t noticed in movies flamingos are pink but I don’t necessarily think flamingos are pink!!!!! Tell me what you think !!!!!! I have never been to Adelaide !!!! I would love to go though !!!!!! Can’t wait to read another one of your poems !!!!

    -Clara ❤️

    • Hi Clara,

      Thank you for your lovely, lovely comment! I think you are right- flamingos are only pink because of what they eat. Adelaide zoo doesn’t have any flamingos anymore.


  5. Hi Kristen
    That poem really creative. Did you know that the oldest flamingo lived in the Adelaide Zoo and died at the age 83! I like flamingos do you?
    From Thinara

  6. Hi Kristin
    I absolutely adore flamingos. I think they a so elegant and pretty. I enjoyed this poem a lot! Did you know that the scientific name for flamingo is Phoenicopteridae?

  7. Hi Kristin,
    this poem reminded me of when I went to the zoo. but we couldn’t see the flamingo my dad said that it must have died. The next week our mother told us that my dad was right they had put down the flamingo because it was too old. now the hippo is the oldest animal in the zoo.
    sad and kind regards Tirath

    • Hi Tirath,

      When I wrote this poem the flamingo was the oldest animal in the Adelaide Zoo, but it died a few years ago. I didn’t know the hippo was now the oldest animal there.


  8. Hi Kristin
    I really like this poem.
    After doing a little bit of research I found out Chile the one who died recently was the last Flamingo in Australia. Very Sad
    regards Yenuli

  9. Did you see this flamingo at the Adelaide zoo? Because I went there last year and there was only one very old flamingo left. Love your poem.

  10. I enjoyed this poem a lot! Did you know that the scientific name for flamingo is Phoenicopteridae?


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