Your Poems

Has this website inspired you to write your own poem?

Would you like other people to read it too?

If the answer to both these questions is YES, then you can post your poem in the comments on this page.

I’d love to read it!

10 thoughts on “Your Poems

  1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar
    by Ingrid

    My pet caterpillar is as sleepy as a sloth.
    We found him in the basil.
    He built a web in his cage like a spider.
    He was in his web for a couple of weeks
    Until he became a beautiful butterfly.

    • Hi Ingrid,

      Thank you for sharing your poem with me! I like it very much. I especially like the simile ‘he built a web in his cage like a spider’.


  2. My pet is a Tabby Cat,
    He is friendly like a dog.
    His fur is soft as snow,
    and he’s as cheeky as a monkey!
    His white feet look like he is wearing socks.
    His name is Frankie.

  3. My Pet Catfish
    by Annabel

    My pet catfish is as lazy as can be.
    He is as scared as a pufferfish and has the power of

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