Morning Moon

Good morning moon.
I see you’re up!
Have you been up all night?
Did you see sunbeams paint the sky
with gentle crimson light?
Did you hear magpies sing and cheer
as darkness fell away?
And did you pause
to marvel
at the beauty of the day?

This poem was first published in Blast Off, Issue No. 5, The School Magazine, June 2018. It is also in my poetry book, To Rhyme or Not to Rhyme? (Glimmer Press, 2019).

32 thoughts on “Morning Moon

  1. Hi Kristen
    that poem reminded me of a time I saw the moon in the sky in the morning and a friend of mine said hi to the moon.It was funny.

      • Sometimes I feel like I could write a really good poem, but as soon as my pen touches the paper,
        My mind goes blank. But that doesn’t stop me from trying!

        • If you didn’t try, you’d have no chance of writing a poem! I often write a few words or a line to start, then play around with it, or put it away and come back to it weeks or months later. Good poems take time to write.

  2. Hi Kristin
    I liked how you put creativity into such normal things and its like you are talking to the moon!

    • This poem paints and beautiful picture of a lovely moon shining through the night skies. I adore the amount of creativity, detail, and description you put in this poem! It just is amazing. How did you come up with the idea?


  3. Hi,

    This poem is just like how my brother and I watch the moon playing hide and seek with the stars. We stand on my bed and watch the moon disappear behind the clouds. I really like this exquisite short poem. It makes me feel relaxed.

    – Thisama

  4. I love looking at the moon at night when it is shining bright. I also love listening to magpies sing in the morning. I also love this poem.

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