Wishes at the Zoo

I wish I was an otter who was swimming in my pool,
and playing chasey with my friends, now wouldn’t that be cool?

But listen to the noise I’d make. ‘Squeak!’ like a baby’s toy.
And all those fish I’d eat just stink! It’s not what I’d enjoy.

I think I’ll be a pelican who’s snapping with my bill,
and catching all that’s thrown me with super duper skill.

Those things I’d catch are stinky fish! Oh no! It’s so unfair.
I’d have to swallow them all whole! It’s more than I could bear.

Perhaps I’ll be a lion who is roaring on my mound,
and playing rough and tumble with my friends upon the ground.

Instead of eating stinky fish, they’d give me uncooked meat!
Why do my favourite animals have horrid food to eat?

I guess I’ll stick with what I am- a girl who’s at the zoo.
And when I eat my lunch I know that it  won’t make me spew.


A version of this poem is published in the book Tadpoles in the Torrens, edited by Jude Aquilina (Wakefield Press, 2013).




30 thoughts on “Wishes at the Zoo

  1. Hi Kristen
    That poem was really creative. I liked how you said the good and bad about the animals.I don’t know what animal I would be. What animal would you be?

  2. Hi Kristin
    This poem was so creative and nice to read. I enjoyed this poem a lot! I know for sure I would be a human visiting the zoo!! What would you be?

  3. Hi kristin i love going to the zoo its soo cool seeing all the animals especially the meerkat and monkeys my mum calls me a monkey because i like climbing everything from sophie

  4. Hello Kristin,
    were all these wishes true? well I wish that I was an elephant, I could eat bananas and fruits and some gross stuff but if I was a elephant I am sure that I won’t mind.

  5. I like zoo and when ever i get a place to visit i choose zoo. But i dont like to be an animal coz i cant play, eat yummy food etc. But I think animals are use to be in jungle and eat what ever they get. So they are happy with the way they live

  6. Hi Kristin
    I think I’d rather be a human too because we can eat nearly everything. Including yummy desserts like cake and ice cream!
    From Lysha

  7. I love going to the zoo, in the zoo my favourite animals to see are the Monkeys and the Pandas, but if I were to get a pet it would be a puppy and I would name it Galaxy what is your favourite animal to see at the zoo and what is you’re favourite pet and would you name it? I love you poem too!

    • Hi Nae,

      I like your comments on my poems. Thank you.

      My favourite animals to see at the zoo are the meerkats. My favourite pet is our bearded dragon, Ash.


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