Wishes at the Zoo

I wish I was an otter,
swimming in my pool,
playing chasey with my friends-
my life would be so cool.

But what a silly noise I’d make,
‘squeak!’ like a baby’s toy.
And those fish I’d have to eat just stink!
It’s not what I’d enjoy.

I think I’ll be a pelican,
snapping with my bill,
catching all that’s thrown me
with super duper skill.

But those things I’d catch are stinky fish!
Oh no. It’s so unfair.
And I’d have to swallow them all whole!
It’s more than I could bear.

Perhaps I’ll be a lion,
roaring on my mound,
playing rough and tumble
with my friends upon the ground.

But instead of eating stinky fish,
they’d give me uncooked meat!
Why do my favourite animals
have such horrid food to eat?

So, I guess I’ll stick with being a boy
who’s visiting the zoo.
I’ll see lots of amazing animals
and my lunch won’t make me spew.


This poem is also published in the book Tadpoles in the Torrens, edited by Jude Aquilina (Wakefield Press, 2013).




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