Each day
Superwoman flies into work
ready to battle ignorance
inspire greatness
and defend the rights of all.

After her first sip of coffee
she begins her fight.
I watch her leap into action,
lassoing misspelt words
and pinning down clumsy sentences.

She stands up to unsolved equations
multiplying and dividing them at will
until they cower
conquered and

She reassures roomfuls of children,
restoring calm
and maintaining peace
when all others
would quiver and flee.

After each long day of invigorating,
influencing and improving young minds,
she picks up her handbag,
dashes through the school gate
and speeds home to a well earned sleep.


25 thoughts on “Superwoman

  1. Hi Kristin
    I really like this poem because I think that teachers are superheros because they educate us. I think you chose the right decision of righting a poem about teachers.

  2. hi Kristin
    I like your superwoman poem because its got action and its like a teacher at my school.

  3. Teachers really are lifesavers. Many peoples’ futures depend on how well teachers educate them. But apparently, teachers are underpaid.

  4. The poem is a great way to make school work sound more fun and get young kids to pay attention and learn because a lot of kids like superheros. They also probably think it would be cool to have a superhero in their classroom. The superwoman probably also loves the equations and getting to know the kids more. My teacher is a superwoman herself because she extends young minds to more advanced tasks, allows you to work in groups and is a very nice teacher. A lot of kids would probably like this poem. I myself liked the poem because I thought it was quite cute.

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