My Mummy

My Mummy is amazing
because she’s more than just my Mum.
She is so many other things.
Let me tell you some.

My mummy is an angel.
But she must have lost her wings.
She does wear pretty dresses
and sounds lovely when she sings.

My mummy is a deer.
Though she hasn’t any fur.
She has two legs instead of four
and there’s not a tail on her.

My mummy is a honey.
But she’s not a sticky treat.
I think she does smell really nice
and Daddy says she’s sweet.

My mummy is a treasure.
Though she’s not kept in a chest.
A pirate wouldn’t like her much
but I think she’s the best.

I don’t know how my Mummy
can be all of these, and more.
But I do know she’s my mummy,
and of that I can be sure!

30 thoughts on “My Mummy

  1. My mam is my whole world. She teach me everything. Sometime she get angry for things I do but never keep it for long time. She cant sleep without both of us. My father sayd she is the best mam. Thankyou for writing about mam as I love to read about them

  2. I really like this poem because it shows how much you love your mom and it is very emotional. I am going to be a mom when I am older and I can’t wait to take care of my kids.

  3. Hi Kristin,

    My mummy is all of those things. She is a treasure to me. I love my mummy, I love her so much more than anything. She is my mummy.


  4. That is wonderful poem and is so true. Every mum is like this although not all of them know it yet but one day they will because all mums are special. Every mum old and new are just like this poem. 🙂

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