When Mum Gets Sick

It starts off with a simple sneeze,
maybe a cough or two,
and then she grabs the tissue box.
There’s nothing I can do.
‘Cause then my mum just disappears.
She isn’t anywhere!
But in her place, dressed in her clothes,
is a grumpy grizzly bear.



31 thoughts on “When Mum Gets Sick

  1. Hello there Kristin,
    Ha ha! So funny! This poem relates a lot to my mum. relates the most when she is sick, some of the time she’s grumpy but mostly kind, sweet,adorable and still my amazing lovable mum!!!

  2. My ma is sick these day. But she help with my Childrens university work which is should give by 14th Oct. I have never seen my mam is taking a rest unless in the night. My great mam. Love you so much. Lovely poem.

  3. The last bit is very funny! I like the rhymes a lot. Have you written any novels?
    This poem is sad because it mentions that your mom is sick.


  4. My mum always when she is sick just sits in bed and she gets all of her children’s love, breakfast in bed and well… rest I suppose. she is a very lucky mum when she is sick which is not very often.

  5. Love the poems and would like to buy a book containing them. Has one ever been published and where could we purchase?

    • Hi Barry,
      I’m glad you love my poems. None of these have been published in a book, but three of my poems are in the fantastic children’s poetry anthology, Tadpoles in the Torrens, edited by Jude Aquilina, which has just been published by Wakefield Press.

  6. Hi Kristin,
    the poems are great. I finally made the time to read them with Rose, who also loves them. Well done! I certainly relate to this one…but the bear also appears when mum doesn’t get enough sleep – which is most of the time!

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