A Water Drop’s Adventure


I’d like to be a water drop,
that’s what I’d like to be.
I’d float with other water drops
out in the wide blue sea.

Until, one warm and sunny day,
I’d rise into the sky.
You might say I’d evaporate,
but I’d say I would fly.

I’d fly with other water drops,
we’d soar in bath-warm air.
But soon we’d cool and we’d condense.
So what? I wouldn’t care.

I’d be together with my friends.
We’d be a big white cloud!
We’d look majestic in the sky.
I’m sure I would feel proud.

The wind would push us tenderly
across the sea to land.
I’d watch the water far below
lap gently on the sand.

But soon we’d reach the mountain range
and float up far too high.
The air would grow too cold for clouds!
We’d have to say goodbye.

Our cloud would have to break apart.
Each drop would meet their fate.
You’d either say we’d fall as rain,
or we’d precipitate.

Once on the ground I’d trickle down
until I reached a creek.
That creek would carry me toward
the bottom of the peak.

Our creek would merge with other creeks;
a river we would be.
We’d rush downhill past trees and fields
and flow into the sea.

My journey would be at an end.
I’d be where I’d begun.
But I could do it all again!
Now wouldn’t that be fun?


This poem is also in my poetry book, To Rhyme or Not to Rhyme? (Glimmer Press, 2019), and also appears on the website Science Rhymes.

48 thoughts on “A Water Drop’s Adventure

  1. I love how you have written this from the perspective of a water drop. I never would’ve thought of that! This creative and descriptive piece of poetry was excellent and I would like to see more poems in a similar style to this.

  2. Dear Kristen
    That poem is very coo. I enjoyed the information it had about the water cycle. Why did you put this poem in the sky poem section?
    From Thinara

  3. I loved this poem because you used the whole water cycle and you also described it and you also used the correct word at the correct time.

  4. Hi Kristin
    I absolutely loved this poem. I loved how you were teaching the water cycle through humor, and poems. It was so great and I loved it so much because being a water droplet does sound quite fun!!

  5. Hi Kristin
    I liked how you explained he whole cycle of the water drop that goes though a really big adventure. Thanks for the great poem Kristin.

    • Hi Madeline,

      I’m so glad my poem made your day! I read this poem to my class last week (I am a teacher as well as a poet) as I explained the water cycle, and I could tell they were amazed. It was lovely.


  6. Hi Kristin

    I would like to be a raindrop because of your poem , I liked all the rhymes you did in the poem and I learnt about the water cycle at school so, this poem recalled all the things.


  7. This poem is long and that is one thing I like about it. It’s beautiful. This poem made me want to be a raindrop! I had a lot of fun reading this. I like how you made up a story when you would become a cloud, then fall down and make a creek, then join with another one and make a river and lastly go into the Ocean.


  8. I love when you can listen to rain at night and when you can look at fluffy clouds in the day. I’ve always wished to jump of fluffy clouds. I also love your poem!

  9. “We’d rush downhill past trees and fields
    and flow into the sea.
    My journey would be at an end.
    I’d be where I’d begun.
    But I could do it all again!
    Now wouldn’t that be fun?”

    This bit of the poem is remindes me when my friends and I once went to the aquatic center and decided to use the water slides. We’d go one by one and splash into the pool. So that is when we have to climb out for the next person in line. Which always made us want to join the line again. That is like the journey for my freinds and I. I personally love this poem.

    – Thisama

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