Beach Treasure


We all went for a walk, just Nan, Pop and me,
and found lots of treasure washed up by the sea.

My Nan found a rock crab alone on the sand.
It tickled and wriggled around in my hand.

I found a new treasure beneath the sea grass;
a smooth-as-silk wave-polished piece of green glass.

But Pop said his treasure’s the best you would see:
he looked near the jetty and there he found me!


This poem also appears on the website Australian Children’s Poetry as a Poem of the Day.

61 thoughts on “Beach Treasure

  1. At semaphore beach kite festival I found treasure which was a candy. It was dropped from a zip blind tied to a kite. It was fun!

  2. I picked this poem because I like going to the beach! I love the way this poem has rhyming words. Do you have a favourite beach?

    • Hi Sophie,

      I like walking to the beach near my house. Do you have a favourite beach?

      I also like to make up rhymes. Can you write a rhyme about your favourite beach?


  3. Love the poem. Do you ever have to research certain facts to help you write your poem? If you do, that shows a lot of dedication!

    • Hi Lyana,

      My research for my poems happens just by doing things I love, or by talking to people. If I find something interesting, I try to write about it in an interesting way so other people will want to read about it.


  4. Hi Kristin

    I love to visit the beach and I love to look for treasure so this poem is heartfelt to me.

  5. Hi kristin
    pop’s treasure was the best. Treasure I found at the York Peninsula beach during my recent trip were seashells.



  6. Cool poem Kristin
    Yesterday I went to a beach I found lots of treasure but I didn’t take all of it because I need to leave some shells and treasure for the sea creatures.
    By the way whennim older I want to be an author too. Or are you a poet?
    From Lysha

    • Hi Lysha,

      Thanks for your lovely comment.

      I am a poet and a writer- I write poems and short stories. I guess you could say I am an author too, as I’ve had some published. My children’s poetry book will be out next year!

      Good luck with your writing!


  7. Hi Kristin
    I like how you have a lot of description and you said all of these things were a treasure to you. It paints a picture in my head.


    • Hi Kristin
      I really love this poem. It rhymes so beautifully and creatively. You had so much description and it just made me want to read more and more. Have you ever thought about writing one of those books when all of the text is rhyming? There is a book like that called “Bully on the Bus”.


      • Hi Tharusha,

        I have read “Bully on the Bus”, and I have met the author, Kat Apel (or Kathryn). There is a link to her website on my poetry links page.

        Bully on the Bus on a great book. I like how it is written in verse, but they don’t actually rhyme. Poems don’t have to rhyme!


  8. Hi Kristen,
    This poem was really nice to read! I was excited to hear all of their treasures, especially when I heard pops treasure!

    From Ella!!

  9. I loved how in the ending, pop said that he found the best treasure and it was you, it was very cute. I’ve also gone on walks on the beach.

  10. Hi Kristin
    I really like your poem it reminded me when me and my family went to the beach with my cousins. I really think you should get an A+ because it was so descriptive and it made me feel how much things you find on the beach that people treasure.

    • Hi Yenuli,

      Thank you for your lovely comment. I’m glad my poem reminded you of the time you went to the beach with your cousins. It sounds like a lovely memory.


  11. Once on Australia Day the water was so low I could walk to the end of it. I also love when there’s a sunset over the water.

  12. What a joy you are! Joyful as all your poems! Love you, dear heart!!!! Your Mum would be so very proud!!!!

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