A Spot

A Spot

I am staring at my ceiling
and I’ve got this funny feeling
in my tummy, ‘cause I’m kneeling
right beneath a little spot.

But this spot I see while kneeling
is determinately stealing
right across my bedroom ceiling.
It is not a normal spot.

And the spot is now revealing
how it crawls across my ceiling
with its eight long legs cart-wheeling
up and down about the spot.

I can hear myself start squealing
‘cause I know with what I’m dealing
and it’s not at all appealing.
It is time to leave this spot!


66 thoughts on “A Spot

  1. Hi Kristin,
    You described the spot really well I didn’t even have to look at the picture to know it was a spider !!!! I sometimes get spiders on the ceiling of our house but we can hardly see them because the spiders we are really tiny!!! Thank you for this amazing poem !!!!
    Clara ❤️

  2. That was really good my favourite bit was that you said it was a normal spot but in the end it wasn’t !!! ☺️☺️☺️ It was very unique.

  3. Hi kristin
    Did this really happen to you ? I would be so scared if it fell on me because once my sister was outside in the garden and when she came back she had a giant daddy long legs on her hair.

  4. Hi Kristen
    I really enjoyed that poem. The key part I enjoyed were the way you explained the spot. Was the spot a spider? Because I once had the same problem I was reading a book in my room then all of a sudden the spot moved then I realised the spot was’t a spot at all it was a spider.
    From Thinara

  5. Hi Kristin
    I liked how you said that it was not a normal spot, because it wasn’t! This poem was very creative and well put together. Did this actually happen to you?

  6. Hi Kristin

    I chose this poem because it made me laugh and I liked when you screamed the most. I liked the word determinately the most of all,
    and it was funny how the spider cart-wheeling across you ceiling.

    • Hi Connor,

      I love the word determinately too! I love long words when I know what they mean. I also like the idea of spiders cart-wheeling across my ceiling- though maybe not in real life!


  7. Hi Kristin
    I liked how you told the reader that it wasn’t just a normal spot, it was a spider. I think it was a really good poem Kristin.

  8. Hi Kristin
    I loved this poem.This was my favorite poem I’ve read so far. I loved it because it was really catchy and it all rhymed as well so that is why I loved the poem.

  9. Hi, Kristin! I am not too scared of spiders but I would not like to hold one! I chose this poem because it sounded different and funny. I liked how it rhymed and how some words were repeated. If that spider was in my room I would probably scream!


  10. I would be so afraid if there ever was a spider in my room. I always get so jumpy and frightened when I see videos of huge spiders.
    Are you scared of spiders Kristin?

  11. to kristin
    i really like your poem about the spot because
    at the start of the poem i did not know what the spot was so it was very interesting at the start
    from charlotte

  12. I love spiders their my favourite animal my most favourite spider is the red-back but I haven’t seen it in real life before.

  13. I don’t mind if a spider is on our ceiling but I would hate it if there are any on the floor! I really like this poem, I have been reading it again and again because I like it so much ; this is the best one I have read so far. I like the rhymes a lot, they are nice! I have had a lot of spiders to deal with in our house but now I am happy because I now know that other people have had these incidents a lot and it is not just me.

    • Hi Thisali,

      Thank you for your beautiful comment. I don’t mind spiders on the ceiling, but I don’t want them to jump on my head. I guess the spiders don’t want to jump on my head though, because they always stay on the ceiling.

      I had fun with the rhymes when I wrote this poem. I’m glad you wrote them.


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