Something In My Pocket

There’s something in my pocket.
Whatever can it be?
I don’t remember putting
something in there recently.

I’m not sure I should touch it.
I don’t know if I dare.
It might be cold and slimy
or sprouting lots of hair.

There’s something in my pocket
and it feels a little odd.
At least it isn’t slimy…
I’ll give it one more prod.

There’s something in my pocket
and I don’t know what to do-
’cause that something in my pocket
has now broken into two.

So I’ve two unknown somethings
which is much worse than before.
Because two is twice as bad as one…
though not as bad as four.

There are somethings in my pocket
and there’s certainly no doubt
that they are making me upset…
I think I’ll take them out.



34 thoughts on “Something In My Pocket

    • Hi Thisama,

      I still have a pencil in my coat pocket that I found when I was on yard duty a couple of months ago. I think my coat sounds like your jacket.


  1. Hello Kristen! I stuff heaps of junk into my pockets like rubbish. The bad thing is that there is a hole in one and things keep falling out. How annoying do you think that is?

  2. Hi Kristin!

    Your poem was pretty funny. If it was my pocket, It must be a build eraser. But it might be something else. It might be something that is glass. Or a ring?

    Or it must be something which is foam?


  3. Congratulations on your poems Kristin. This one is definitely my favourite though. Very clever. Keep on writing…..All the best, Graeme.

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