A Night of Frogs


A frog lives in our garden
in a pond beneath the tree.
I hear it croak at bedtime
as it says ‘goodnight’ to me.

A frog lives by our back door
on a post below the light.
I sneak outside to say ‘hello’
because it’s only there at night.

A frog lives in our laundry
in the corner of the wall.
I check when I come back inside
to make sure it didn’t fall.

A frog lives in our kitchen
in the space behind the sink.
It freezes in the torchlight
when I get myself a drink.

A frog lives in our bathroom
and I don’t know what to do
because it isn’t where it should be.
Yuk! It’s swimming in the loo!

My mum comes in the bathroom,
plants a kiss upon my head.
‘The frogs are fine just where they are
but you should be in bed!’


This poem is also published on the website Australian Children’s Poetry as a Poem of the Day.

8 thoughts on “A Night of Frogs

  1. We really enjoyed reading this poem about frogs. I hope you had a great time when you went up north.

    Jay and Drew

    • Thank you. The graphic is a PaintMee of a photo I took in Northern Territory. We found frogs in all sorts of places, including the toilet. Which is where I got the idea for the poem!

  2. Hi Kristin
    I love this poem! As always with your work I was waiting for the funny twist at the end and I was not disappointed!!
    Looking forward to reading it to my kids.

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