I See See

I see see a lion
who is playing in the sun.
I see see a lion
who is having lots of fun.

I see see a lion
who is keeping nice and cool.
I see see a lion
who is…diving in her pool?

But…I see see that I
have not really got it right!
I see a sea lion-
it’s a very lovely sight.

© Kristin Martin 2017

33 thoughts on “I See See

  1. Hi Kristin,

    I really like this poem.Me and my mum had a little laugh at the end☺️☺️.I also lllllloooooovvvveeee animals they are so cute and cuddly!We have a dog at home called Bronte.She is a black lab.

    Ellie M

    • Hi Ellie,

      I’m glad this poem made you laugh.

      I like animals too. I have pet lizard because I’m allergic to dogs. I do like dogs though. Have you read my poem Dogs?


  2. Hi Kristin,
    I liked how you played with the words I see see! Lions sound the same as sea lions! I liked this poem because I love animals❣️❣️❣️


  3. Dear Kristen
    I liked how you play with the words I see see. I also liked the way you described the animals in the poem were reacting. Why did use a loin and a sea lion only in your poem?
    From Thinara

  4. Hi Kristin
    This poem was amazing, although it kind of confused me. Why did you say “I see see”? I loved this poem especially the twist at the end.

  5. Whenever I go to zoo I make sure to go to sea lion places. Once I got a chance to see how they have feeding. They eat fish. They are so obedient and follow instructions. Lovely poem remind me it again.

  6. Hi Kristin
    I really like your poem because of the twist. I chose this poem because I looked at the title and I thought this was interesting.


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