A Stormy Day at School

Written with assistance from Room 17 Year 3 students at Fulham North Primary School, 2018.

The mud around our classroom looks like melted chocolate.
The wind rattling the window
sounds as loud as an ice-cream truck!
My wet socks in my soggy shoes smell like mouldy donuts.
The hail hitting the veranda tastes like an icy milkshake
when I place some on my tongue.
And after school,
the puddles I jump in feel like mushy apple pies.

I wonder why I’m so hungry when I finally get home?

© Kristin Martin 2018

This poem is also in my poetry book, To Rhyme or Not to Rhyme? (Glimmer press, 2019).

71 thoughts on “A Stormy Day at School

    • Hi Kayla,

      Thank you. Some students helped me write this poem. I soon realised that all their ideas for similes were about food, so we made it into a food poem. Have you tried writing a simile poem?


  1. I love how you used food in your poem because it is a very creative idea and I also love ice cream, donuts, melted chocolate and milkshakes.

  2. Hi Kristin,
    This is an awesome poem! Didn’t you use similes? I go to a creative writing club and we have just masted the skill of using similes and metaphors.

    Love Clara

    • Hi Clara,

      Yes, I did use similes! Why don’t you try writing a poem like this, using this format? It could be a sunny day at home, or a windy day at the park… You could put it on the ‘Write a Poem’ page in the comments. I’d love to read it.


  3. Hello Kristin,
    I loved how you described the storm using food and at the end you said she felt hungry! I like rain because they make our plants grow and it makes it easier for me to sleep at night!

    • Hi Caleb!

      That poem was lots of fun to write. I actually wrote it with some students a few years ago.
      I like storms too, and rain. It is so good for all the plants.


    • Thanks Miri,

      I wrote this poem with a class, and after the first couple of food suggestions for the similes, we decide they should all be food related.


    • Hi Lakai,

      Thanks. I received both of the comments you left on this poem. This poem was lots of fun to write, and I had help too from some of my students. Why don’t you try and write one like it? You could write about a sunny day at home.


  4. this poem is so positive and creative i love how your ritting poems about things that are so beutiful. When you rite poems you use such powerful words i love it

  5. Hi Kristin,
    I wish mud was really melted chocolate, and I also really liked this poem because it’s fun and you can imagine that you are actually jumping in apple pie!


  6. Hi , Kristin that was a really nice poem those kids wrote I’m in year three to my teacher would be really impressed if I wrote that I loved it

  7. Dear Kristen
    That was a great poem! I some times like to go to school on stormy days but if it’s crazy weather like hailing and lighting is going everywhere I feel like it is a bit dangerous . But a drizzle of rain and some wind would not stop me from going to school.
    From Thinara

  8. Hi Kristin
    This poem was amazing. I loved how you made all natural lhtings sound like food, which was awesome. I liked how students helped to make this poem and I’m sure they were a great help!! Why did you write this poem??
    P.S I was not sure whether I had commented on this or not so if you see 2 from me just disregard one. Thanks!!

    • Hi Kristin,
      I have never had a thunderstorm at school before.
      I like how you said that , “ I wonder why I am so hungry.”

      Thanks Chenuli

  9. It made me hungry to read this poem – and I love donuts, but not mouldy ones! ewww!
    This was a fun poem to read. Thank you

    • Hi Mason,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you liked my poem. I had some year 3 students help me write that poem, and they came up with mouldy donuts. I agree- ewwww!


  10. I would not like to go to school on a stormy day because it is muddy and messy but l like to jump in muddy puddles with my boots on!☔️

  11. This poem makes me hungry and i love stormy days at school because i like being inside toastie and warm well it’s cold outside.

  12. Hi Kristin,

    You probably felt hungry when you get home because there is melted chocolate,an ice cream truck, donuts ,icy milkshakes and apple pie at school!


  13. I loved the use of description in this poem. I chose this poem because I enjoy it when it rains during school as we get to watch movies inside the classroom. Also, this poem made me very hungry. I feel like some chocolate or a milkshake.

    • Hi Chomilka,

      Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you liked my poem. I am a teacher so I prefer it when it doesn’t rain at lunch time so all the kids can go out side and run around, and I can go to the staff room for a break!


  14. I always love it when it rains at school because we get to stay inside and we play hide & seek.
    Did you enjoy the rainy days when you went to school?

  15. Hi kristin,
    This poem reminded a stormy day at my school. I like to play in the rain but my mum doesn’t let me go.
    thanks for the interesting poem.


  16. Hi Kristin
    I really like how you described everything with found. I found this poem really funny. When I read this poem I felt really Hungry I mean donuts, Icy milkshakes apple pies won’t that make you hungry?


    • Hi Kristin
      I really like the imagination and thought that you put into this poem. When you were young did you like school and what was your favourite subject back then?


      • Hi Tharusha,

        Thanks for your comment. I liked going to primary school. I particularly liked writing, though I wasn’t great at it. I have become better with practise.


  17. to kristin
    i love staying in for reses and lunch because you can do all sorts of things in that time like
    play on computers or color a picture
    from charlotte

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