Stormy Nights

I like to watch the lightning bolts
that splinter black-cat nights.
I like to hear the thunder cracks;
they sound like monster fights.
I like the rain upon the roof
that beats down like a drum,
but only when I’m snuggled up
between my dad and mum.

© Kristin Martin 2018

This poem was first published in Countdown, Issue No. 3, The School Magazine, April 2018. It is also in my poetry book, To Rhyme or Not to Rhyme? (Glimmer Press, 2019).

33 thoughts on “Stormy Nights

  1. Hi Kristin,
    I like the sound of the rain when I go to sleep it makes a wonderful sound and it fill up the lake we always ride our bikes to because lately the lake has not much water so I would love it to rain sometime soon!!! The lake we live next to have lots of ibis and ducks!! I love your poems especially this one !!!!
    Clara ❤️

  2. Hey Kristin
    We had a stormy night when we went to Corrigin! I like listening to the the thunder and I do NOT need my mum or my dad!

  3. Hi Kristen
    That poem was amazing. I have had many stormy nights and the way you describe the storm was the same. Did you know tormenta is how you say storm in italinan.

  4. Hi Kristin
    I absolutely loved and adore this poem. I liked how it was short and sweet, but had so much to say and think about. I especially like how you said you liked it when you were snuggled up in between your mum and dad. How did you come up with the idea for this poem?

    • Hi Tianna,

      Thank you for reading so many of my poems. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed them.
      There is no need to comment on each poem, especially if you have nothing new to say. Just comment on the ones that you feel you want to say something about.


  5. We just had an unexpected stormy night last night after having a really hot day! I love listening to the rain and thunder!

    • Hi Kristin
      I like this poem a lot. So creative. I definitely agree with you. The rain on the roof does sound like a drum! What do you feel when there is a storm outside? To me it is fascinating!!


  6. when I was younger I used to sleep in between my mum and dad when I had a nightmare or when it was stormy outside.
    But now I love it when it’s raining and when there’s a blackout.
    The sound of rain is so calming and just makes me want to snuggle up in blanket sand read books. When there’s a blackout, I feel like it helps me take a break from the busy world and calm down.
    Do you like the rain?

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