straight and narrow
through a tunnel
off again
bring the promise
of adventures
joy of journeys
yet to come
hear the engines
feel the motion
taste the steam and
smell the smoke
at the platform
whistle’s blowing
doors slide open
and OH NO!
‘Blasted tracks!’
Mum tripped over
in the hallway
all my tracks are
in a mess
cut her finger
on the tunnel
which lies broken
on the floor
time to pack up
tracks in boxes
play next door out
of Mum’s way

© Kristin Martin 2012

26 thoughts on “Tracks

    • Hi Nuwin,

      Thanks. I like writing poems that don’t rhyme, but this was fun with the repetition of the word ‘tracks’, and the rhythm is supposed to remind you of a train chugging on the tracks.


  1. Hi Kristin,
    Most of your poems rhyme but this one doesn’t, that’s why I like it, because this poem stands out, plus, I like it because you came up with some amazing ideas for this poem!!!


    • Hi Caleb,

      Thanks! I’m glad you like my poem. I wrote this one a long time ago- when my kids were little and liked playing with trains. They are teenagers now!


  2. Hi Kristin
    This poem rhymed so beautifully and it was amazing. I swear this could be turned into an amazing song. What inspired you to write this poem?

  3. You did a lot of work on this I can tell. I really like how you wrote this poem and that the word “tracks” were in italics, well not really but it sounds awesome when you read this poem!


    • Hi Methuli,

      I wrote this poem when my kids were little. They loved going on train rides, and they also loved building train tracks on the floor.


      • Tharinsa,

        I definitely encourage you to write poems. You can write your own versions of my poems if you like- that’s how we learn- by copying others and adding our own words. I am sure your teachers would like to read the poems you write.


  4. I’m glad you think it’s funny, Ryan. It was inspired by my children’s train tracks all over the house when they were young.

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