If Clouds Were Beds


If clouds were beds then I would sleep
upon a cloud that’s soft and deep.
A cumulus cloud, that’s its name,
though as a name it’s rather lame,
because it doesn’t make you think
of fluffy clouds in which you’d sink
like into soft caressing sheets,
nor how you’d lie and dream of treats,
or winning that important game!
So, bed-cloud is a better name.

If clouds were cars then I would race
a wispy cloud, high up near space.
A cirrus cloud is what they say.
That doesn’t sound like where I’d play!
It doesn’t sound a bit like car
or sound like it could travel far.
I want a simple name that shows
a cloud that goes and goes and goes!
A cloud that’s fast and fun to use,
so, car-cloud is the name I choose.

If clouds were homes then mine would be
one stretching far as you can see.
A stratus cloud is what it’s called,
but that name doesn’t say its sprawled.
It doesn’t say a wide, flat field,
where there’d be ample space to build.
I’d build a house for everyone,
a garden where we’d play and run,
and even an enormous shed.
So, I call those home-clouds instead.

© Kristin Martin 2016

First published in Orbit, Issue 9, The School Magazine, October 2016. It is also in my poetry book, To Thyme or Not to Rhyme? (Glimmer Press, 2019).

49 thoughts on “If Clouds Were Beds

  1. Hi Kristine,
    I really liked you poem it reminded me of when I was younger, around 5 or 6, I used to think that clouds were soft beds and that beds were made out of clouds.

  2. Hi Kristin
    This Poem is very Peaceful and the Coluds I can really imagine them as well
    when I sleep everyday I always think I am Sleeping on a cloud! And this will make a Great poem for sleep,Stress,Anger,Sadness or Anxiety

    • Hi Omesh,

      Thank you. I hope that my poem can help people when they are having an unpleasant emotion. I like how you imagine you are sleeping on a cloud.


  3. Hey Kristin,
    I’m imagining right now that if clouds were beds, they would be really soft! Unfortunately, if I were to sit or sleep on one now, I would fall straight through one.


  4. I really liked this poem it has to be one of my favorites. I liked how you changed boring cloud names into more fun ones. The ryhming was really good. I would love to sleep on clouds I imagine them to be really soft and cozy. But if clouds were my house I would be scared that I will fall when I’m walking.

  5. Hi Kristin
    I loved how you were almost teaching students about clouds while making them laugh. This poem was so cool, and I loved it. What gave you inspiration for this spectacular poem??

  6. ooh! clouds as beds would be awesome! (and sooooo fluffy!)
    great poem Kristin. About the car thing my BFF Abby thinks in the future houses might be on clouds! Mmm, comfy and movable!!!

  7. Hi Kristin,
    I really loved ❤️ your cloud poem !!! I seriously love all of your rhymes you used in this poem. I like the part where you wrote down that the normal clouds ☁️ names were boring and you changed them to more fun and exciting names !!!!! I wonder how big you brain is to have that much creativity and imagination!!!! I think when you are writing you should totally get lost in thought and if people send you ‘not’ positive comments to push past that and not let anyone stop you from writing if that is what you love !!! I love writing poems, writing stories and I love reading your poem!!! Bye

    -Clara ❤️

    • Hi Clara,

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I like clouds a lot, so it is lots of fun to write cloud poems. I don’t think my brain is particularly big, I just give it time to think and imagine.

      Thank you for being so positive. I hope you go far with your writing.


  8. Hi Kristin
    I’ve always wanted to know what a cloud would feel like, but if we could sleep on one it would be even better.
    I really like poems like this because you can be so creative with your imagination and thoughts.
    I loved reading it.

  9. I love the use of rhyme in this poem. Also, I’ve always wanted to sleep on a cloud until I found out that it is made out of tiny droplets of water. However, the idea of sleeping on a nice fluffy cloud does sound nice.

    • Hi Chomilka,

      Thank you for your comment. I’m sorry I didn’t reply sooner, but my website didn’t tell me that it was there- oops!

      I would love to sleep on a cloud too! I know a real cloud would be cold, but my imagined cloud wouldn’t be!


  10. “If clouds were beds then I would sleep
    upon a cloud that’s soft and deep.
    A cumulus cloud, that’s it’s name
    though as a name it’s rather lame,
    because it doesn’t make you think,
    of fluffy clouds in which you sink,”

    I like this part because it sounds dreamy and I like to sleep a lot. It also says that the name cumulus is lame, which I like. I would really like clouds to be beds. It would be awesome if clouds would actually come to the ground – they already do (fog) but you cant really feel it at all. I really like your rhymes too.

  11. Hi Kristin,

    I wish I could feel a cloud but the only thing I worried is, I am scared of heights. I want to try it one day using a parachute.
    There are lot of rhyming words in the poem. my most favourite pair of lines is
    “A cloud that’s fast and fun to use,
    so, car-cloud is the name I choose.”


    • Hi Dinidu,

      Thanks for your comment! As usual, it was thoughtful and interesting to read!

      I think I’d be scared to be up in a cloud. Have you ever been in fog? That’s like being in a cloud on the ground.


  12. Hi Kristin
    I like how you put learning in a fun and creative way. We can learn about clouds and have a good laugh at the same time.


    • Hi Kristin
      I really like this poem because it makes me feel creative and honestly I would love it if clouds were beds. How did you come up with the idea?


  13. Hi Kristin,
    Actually i think that clouds are made of steam .for example
    if we got a hot large river the steam is coming up so it gose to the clouds and it joins to another cloud then it makes a large cloud.But this is really wonderful dream.i love it .

    • Hi Methuli,

      I like that you are thinking about clouds. They are made up of water vapour, so I couldn’t really play in them, but I like to dream about it.


  14. We enjoyed reading this tonight and Caitlin is going to see if she can find a bed cloud tomorrow. Tate liked the racing clouds… of course!

    Well done, Kristin. It reminded me of a Dr Seuss book with the structure of each line.


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