Written with assistance from the year 3 students at Prospect Primary School, 2016

Some cats are big
and eat like a pig.

Some cats are small
and are not much at all.

Some cats are bold.
They don’t do what they’re told.

Some cats are shy.
They like to creep by.

Some cats are mean
and shouldn’t be seen.

Some cats are snappy.
They make me unhappy.

Some cats are rough.
I’ve had enough!

But my cat is sweet.
She’s the best cat to meet.

© Kristin Martin 2016

129 thoughts on “Cats

  1. Hi Kristin,

    Cats are one of my favourite animals and I would really love to get one one day. I love how you’ve showed the way all cats have their differences but in the end there is always one that is right for you.


    • Hi Rose,

      Thank you so much for the lovely comment. It made me smile.

      Have you written any poems? They are lots of fun to write! You can share one on the ‘Your Poems’ page.


  2. Hi Kristin,
    I really liked your poem about cats! I like cats, but we do not have one because my sister, Clara, my mum, and my dad, are all allergic to them. I’m not allergic and my little brother isn’t though.

  3. Hi. I loved your poem. I know what you mean about some cats being a bit naughty. I loved that your poem rhymed and told us how they could be good or bad. But I have a cat at home called Carter and he is one of the cats that sleeps the whole day.

    • Hi Hannah,

      I wrote a reply to your comment, but it looks like I forget to post it! Sorry!

      Carter sound like a lovely sleepy cat. Some days I wish I could sleep all day. 🙂


  4. To Kristin
    I love your poems!
    It reminds me of my second friend Molly’s kitten and the kittens food all over the kitchen floor and it crawling under the dining table!From Sapphira

  5. Hey Kristin,
    I REALLY want a cat but my mum, my dad, and my sister are allergic to them. Only my brother, my Grammy, and me aren’t allergic. Do you have a cat?

    • Hi Caleb,

      I am allergic to cats too! My family had 3 pet cats when I was little, and I sneezed all the time! I understand why your family doesn’t want one.

      So now, we don’t have cats.


  6. Hi Kristin,
    What a nice little poem! What did you get the idea of this poem? Is it your talented son or you creative self? I love writing ✍️!!! ❤️ You inspire me !!! Love you cat poem!!! I am going to try and write a poem like that!!!
    Clara ❤️

  7. I love how you described the different cats and how they act.
    I really enjoyed the way you used rhyming words.
    I loved your good sense of humour in the poem – it made me laugh out loud!

  8. hi Kristin
    this poem describes so much about cats what they so thank you and i all so cament to a lot of you poems there so inspiring.

  9. Hi Kristin
    I loved this poem. I loved how it described everything a cat can do, eat, and their different personalities. I was wondering, do you have a cat? I also love the fact that you teamed up with students to create this poem.


  10. Hi kristin i have commented on a lot of poems and i love them all you are so inspiring and i cant stop reading your poems. every day after school i sit down and read and repliy i have almost replied to all of them. Ps i do children university and i love children university!

  11. Hi Kristin
    I loved how you were being very descriptive and how the poem rhymed. Personally I am not a big fan of cats as they very lazy and scratchy. Can you write another poem about another animal? I don’t have any cats or dogs, however I have 10 fish.
    Thanks a lot

    • Hi Yenuli,

      I have fish too. I’m not sure how many as they are in two ponds in my backyard, and they hide a lot. Maybe I should try writing a poem about them. Thank you for the idea.


  12. I loved how your cat was sweet but not so nice to meet. You also described the cats as shy, rough, snappy and mean. I really enjoyed this poem.
    Thanks for the great poem about cats.

  13. Hi Kristin
    This was a very good poem i liked it because we have three cats and they are all very different. Also we have one foster kitten and he is called scooby and he is very playful.

    Also i am part of children’s university.

  14. Nice Poem. It was funny and I giggled a lot. My cat isn’t naughty, she is sweet like yours. I enjoyed reading your poem. Thank you for writing it.

    • Hi Hailey-Jaide,

      Thank you for reading my poem and writing such a nice comment! Your cat sounds lovely. I don’t actually have a cat because they make me sneeze, but I used to. I have a pet lizard now, and 4 pet turtles. (They don’t make me sneeze!)


    • Hi Briana,

      Thanks for your comment. Does Turbo sit on your lap? That would be a lovely way to keep warm. I put my lizard on my lap sometimes, but he doesn’t keep me warm.


  15. hi Kristin,
    I love your poem but I especially love it because I love cats!
    is say that because I have 4! 2 Burmese and 2 moggies, and what your poem is 100% true,(is should know!)

    • Hi Maddie,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m so glad that a cat lover loves my poem! I don’t have a pet cat because I’m allergic to them. 🙁


    • Hi Kyle,

      Thanks for your comment! I have seen and replied to your other comment too. I’m glad that you like my poems and that you like cats too.


  16. Hi Kristin,
    I really love your poem. I like how it tells me about what your cat is like. My cat is mean to birds, and she is rough to play with.
    I love this poem because it reminds me about my cat when I am at school.

    • Hi Annika,

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment. I’m glad you love my poem. I had 3 cats when I was a chid, but I don’t have one now. The poem reminds me of the cats I used to have.


  17. I’m 10 and chose this poem because I love cats as they are my fave animal.
    I liked the way you described the cats, it’s true that there are so many different kinds of cats.
    This poem reminds me of my cat Petals because she is bold, shy and sweet!
    Thanks for writing about my fave animal!

    • Hi Spencer,

      Thank you for your comment. I love writing poems about things that I see, but I also make some things up. I made up the cat poem, because I don’t have a pet cat. I actually have a pet lizard!


  18. My cat is not very sweet. She is a feisty biting cat. But she is cute to cuddle and I love her anyway.

    My cats name is Ramona and the best 3 things to describe her are:
    Black like midnight
    Loves to play cheeky games

    When I think about my cat it makes me feel thankful to have a cat.

    My dream is to have 1 million cats.

  19. Awwwww! This poem is so sweet. My cat is definetly a Bold Cat. Her name is Amy. She is Black and white, and she is 11 yrs old.

  20. I Kristin,
    I read your poem about dogs. Its pretty good to imagine having a great pet like dogs. I don’t trust cats but I trust this one.


  21. I think my cat has all of these things depending on how she react. She is medium so she can be big (after meal) or small (before meal..specially in the morning) I love soft words and simple explanation.

  22. Hello Kristen. This poem is awesome and I totally agree with you! Cats are big and snappy and mean and also lazy. I feel like a cat now that I have read this poem!

  23. Hi Kristin,
    I like your writing. Rhyming is excellent.
    Cats are lazy and unlike dogs they don’t do what I ask to do. Sometimes they scratch us. But my friend’s cat is innocent and I love his cat.

  24. My Friends have 2 ragdoll cats they are so cute. I like cats if they stay inside because they can hurt birds and lizards if they are allowed out. that’s sad.
    Cadence K

    • Thank you. I do hope they like my poems. 🙂
      I wrote this one with a class at a school I was visiting for the day. It is fun to share my poems with school children.

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