I’ve got a Band-Aid on my toe.
It’s been there for twelve days.
It’s scungy, black and smells a bit,
but on my toe it stays.

My mum says, ‘take it off right now,
it makes me feel quite sick.’
My dad says, ‘that’s disgusting son!
You take it off now. Quick!’

But I’m not gonna take it off,
at least not for a while:
my brother isn’t grossed out yet,
and that would make me smile.

© Kristin Martin 2012

69 thoughts on “Band-Aid

  1. Hi Kristin
    i really like this poem because band-aids have lots of uses and how disgusting is it to wear a band-aid for twelve days.

  2. Hi Kristin,
    Love this poem !!! I sometimes wear band-aids but I only leave it on for a day or until I shower !!! You are sooo clever!!! Your son is sooo creative to think of the poem idea !!! I think it is a good topic!!! Now that I think about it it would be funny to see my two brothers get all grossed out about a silly band- aid!!!!!
    Love your poems can’t wait to read another poem!!!!
    Clara ❤️

  3. Hi Kristen
    That was a great poem. Was this poem based on a person you know? I have not a had a band aid as gross as the one in the poem but from the way the child’s parent reacted to the band aid I think that the band aid must have been very very gross.

  4. Hi Kristin
    I love it! But I would take it off. Trust me, I’ve had a lot of band-aids like this! Did you write this poem because it happened to you?

  5. Wow this is so funny!
    I love the fact that they only want the band-aid on is to gross out their brother, not to heal their toe!
    From M
    P.S I am in CU

    • Hi Mikayla,

      Thank you. I like Children’s University. I am doing a poetry reading at Hallet Cove Library in the school holidays which is a Children’s University event.


  6. Hi Kristin

    I really love silly poems, I liked this poem especially because the kid was waiting for his brother to be grossed out.
    That’s what I would do, wait for my brother to be grossed out.
    I really like how it rhymed and made me feel pretty gross but happy.

  7. Hi Kristin
    I didn’t quite like band-aid mostly because I hate it when the band-aid stinks and it’s just feral. Having a band-aid for 12 days now. And how does the story tellers brother NOT grossed out? If I was him, I would had told him of. Thanks for the nice but gross poem.

  8. I can relate I am all way desperate to disgust my brother but isn’t that every siblings dream! I Absolutely love your poem

  9. Band-Aids are gross. Some people love having Band-Aids because they think it shows bravery. What do you think happened before the boy got the Band-Aid?

  10. Hi Kristin
    I really like this poem even though it was gross
    I whinge for even small scraps so my mother bought a packet of plasters for me so I could use when ever I want to.

    • Hi Kodey,
      I’m glad you like my poem. I wrote it because one of my sons hates having his toenails cut. He actually told me that a bear ate his toenails, so I wrote this poem.

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