The Gecko at my Kitchen Window


There’s a gecko at the window
and she’s looking in at me.

Are you hungry, little gecko?
Would you like to have some tea?

I have chops and mashed potato,
You can share it all with me.

There’s a moth that’s come to join—
That’s what you eat for tea.

© Kristin Martin 2016

71 thoughts on “The Gecko at my Kitchen Window

  1. Hi Kristin
    This poem reminds me of lots of moments when I find geckos and other weird creatures in my house. Also, I love the bit of humour that you used at the end of the poem.

  2. Hey Kristin,

    I find geckos quite scary but I see them quite a lot on the kitchen window. Also in Sri Lanka there were a lot of geckos so I eventually got used to them being around the place.


  3. Hi,Kristin.
    I love geckos and lizards. Quick question, is a Komodo dragon a type of lizard or gecko? Can you let me know? Thanks! Also, love your poems they are so amazing, also, what encouragement encouraged you to start making poems? Can you let me know all my questions, thanks!


    • Hi Alex,
      I love lizards too! Geckos are a type of lizard, and Komodo Dragons are another type pf lizard.
      I’m glad you like my poems. I loved reading poems when I was younger (well, I still do), and when I see something lovely like a gecko on my window, it makes me want to tell other people about it, and the most interesting way is to write a poem!
      Thanks for reading my poems and writing to me.

  4. Hey, Kristin, I chose this poem because I like geckoes. why I like geckoes I because they can stick to walls and because some can camouflage themselves.

  5. Hello Kristin!

    This poem reminds me of when we found a gecko behind the TV. We used a glass and a book to put it back outside where it belonged. In the process, the gecko’s finger slipped under the glass causing it’s middle finger to stretch. I felt so sorry for it…………
    We don’t normally get geckos inside the house, but we have loads outside! I always see more than one in the same spot! How often do you get get geckos in your house?

    • Hi Twinkle,

      I never have geckos in my house. I’m sorry to hear your gecko got injured, but I’m sure it got better.

      I have some geckos on the outside of my house in summer. I’m looking forward to seeing them again.


  6. Hey Kristin
    I enjoyed reading your poem.
    I am so scared of geckos because they are so small and move so quickly but some how my sister thinks that are cute. Also I use to get rally confused between a moth and a butterfly can you talk the difference

  7. Dear Kristin,
    this poem reminded of me when I see geckos all over my house As you might see I am type of scared of geckos/lizards.

    regards Tirath.

  8. Hi Kristin
    I love how well you described the gecko, and how you offered it food, like chops and mashed potato. You should see just how many geckos there are in Sri Lanka. Have you ever visited Sri Lanka?

    • Hi Tharusha,

      I have been to Sri Lanka. It is a beautiful country. I remember seeing some lizards, but I don’t remember seeing geckos. I’m sure there are lots.


  9. Hi Kristin

    This poem reminds me of when we lived in Queensland and had lots of geckos inside, we use to try and catch them and put them back outside, but they were very fast

    Thanks for the poems

    • Hi Archie,

      I love seeing geckos on the outside of my house. We only have a few (I’m in South Australia), but I’m sure there were lots in Queensland. I never see any inside our house.


    • Hi, Kristin!
      I’ve never seen a gecko, but my dad has a pet bearded dragon (lizard). This morning my dad fed it cut vegetables (small parts cut up) and my dads lizard (zara) ran to the food bowl and literally ate it all in a minute. What do lizards eat?

      • Hi Zhyon,
        I love bearded dragons! We have one called Ash. It’s great that Zara eats all her vegetables! Ash only eats them if we hold then in front of his mouth! Lazy lizard! He also eats crickets, but we have to help him catch them. Does Zara eat crickets?
        Geckos eat insects. I think most lizards are omnivores.
        I hope you see a gecko one day. They are so cute and their skin looks so soft.


  10. Hi Kristin

    I really enjoyed this poem .This poem reminded me of Sri Lanka because I have seen lizards there but I can’t remember if I have seen a gecko.
    Thanks for the poem!!


  11. Dear Kristin
    When I read this poem it reminded me about Sri-Lanka. At my grandparents house in Sri-Lanka we one bathroom inside and on outside. So me and my brother always use the outdoor one because it is more spacious. So when I go all the time there are geckos on the window. I found quite funny that the girl asked “do you want some chops and mashed potato” and the gecko ate the moth for tea.
    Thanks a lot

    • Hi Yenuli,

      Sri Lanka is a beautiful country! I don’t remember seeing geckos there, but I loved hearing your story about them. I see geckos on my kitchen window.


    • Hi Methuli,

      I see wild geckos on my kitchen window, so I guess it was a random gecko. They don’t eat chops and mashed potatoes (that’s what I eat sometimes) but they do eat moths.


  12. Hi Kristin,
    I don’t think little gecko like chops and mashed potato. Gecko’s are my favourite but have not seen them but only pictures.


  13. Hi Kirstin,

    My name is Makayla, mum and I read through all your animal poems and I liked this one the best. It is my favourite because it made me laugh when the gecko ate the moth for dinner. I love geckos and think they are really cute.

    • Hi Makayla,

      Thanks for your comment. I love this poem too. I have another poem about a gecko in my poetry book, To Rhyme or Not to Rhyme? I wonder if your school library has it.


  14. Hello Kristen!
    Was the gecko your pet or was it just some random gecko at your window?
    Do you like geckos at all? I’m sorry I ask too much questions. Geckos are really cool and I do hope you agree with me. It’s kind of scary when you mentioned that the gecko has the moth for tea because I don’t like talking about eating animals.

  15. Hi Kristin
    This gecko reminds me of a gecko I saw at my holiday in .
    By the way are all these poems true stories?
    From Lysha

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