Last Night I Saw Something

Last night I saw something that
I’d never seen before.
This something that I’d never seen
was right outside my door.

It made me gasp aloud with shock
the moment that I saw it.
The something was so big and red
I couldn’t dare ignore it.

I quickly jumped out of my bed,
tip-toed across the floor.
I had to know about this thing
I hadn’t seen before.

As soon as I crept close to it
my heart began to race.
I saw the thing was not a thing
because it had a face!

My body shook from head to toe,
my mind was full of fear.
There was someone that I’d never seen
and he was very near.

I stared in shock at his red coat,
his boots of blackest black.
I saw the pompom on his hat,
the bulging big red sack.

And then I had to laugh out loud.
You know why, I’m sure.
That someone was not scary at all.
It was Santa that I saw.

© Kristin Martin 2012

This poem also appears on the website Australian Children’s Poetry as a Poem of the Day.

41 thoughts on “Last Night I Saw Something

  1. Dear Kristin,
    I liked your poem because it was funny. I thought it was a monster but it was actually only Santa.
    I don’t think I would go out of bed if I heard a noise at night but I would love to see Santa one day.

    • Hi cara,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I had fun writing this poem, hoping that people would think it was a monster at first, and then feel relieved, and maybe excited, when it was Santa.


  2. Hi Kristin
    When i read the first 2 parts i thought i couldn’t read any more because it was pretty scary, but i did . The story was a mix of Halloween and Christmas. What gave u this idea Kristin. That was a pretty funny poem Kristin . The rhyming word and the title told me it was going to be a bit scary and a bit funny.

  3. Hi Kristin,
    It was funny that the person that was scary was actually Santa!!! What gave you the idea of this poem!! This poem by reading it I know it is fiction because Santa doesn’t come when you are awake he only comes when you are asleep!!! Because Santa had come to your house I know you and your son had been nice all year!!! Loved reading that poem!!

    • Hi Clara,

      Thanks for another lovely comment. I thought of this because I was playing with emotions- scary, and then excited and relieved. (And you’re right, it is fiction).


  4. Dear Kristen
    That poem was very interesting!!! Your creativity is really really amazing! At first the poem was scary then all of a sudden it was SANTA! What a great poem Kristen.
    From Thinara

  5. Hi Kristin
    Your poem was almost like connecting Christmas and Halloween together. Scary, then SANTA!! I loved this poem and it was very funny. Where did you get the inspiration for this poem from?

  6. That was a funny poem.
    I think the boy was scared but after he saw Santa properly he laughed because he was happy!

  7. Dear Kristin
    I read your poems. I like them. I like rhymes. I liked the one with green goo. This one is scary. You’re right, there is something scary about Santa. Keep up the good work!

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