An Explorer

An explorer lives in my garden.
She bravely voyages into the unknown,
discovering new territories
and charting unfamiliar terrains.
Until she gets scared
and hides in her shell.


© Kristin Martin 2015

56 thoughts on “An Explorer

  1. Hi Kristin,
    Sometimes when I get scared I wish there was a hard shell I can hide in!!! But most of the time I get butterflies in my tummy when the next day I am competing (running) for my faction I like doing lots of races !!! Have you ever gotten butterflies in your tummy or wish you had a shell to hide in, just like a turtle!!!!

    • Hi Clara,

      I get butterflies in my tummy before I do lots of things for the first time. But once I start doing it, the butterflies go away. Do you find that happens when you run?


  2. Hey Kristin
    I LOVE Turtles also
    I love that in your poem doesn’t ell Us what you are talking about and make the readers imagine what it is until the end.Do you actually have a turtle??

  3. Hi Kristin
    I absolutely loved this poem. It was so nice to read and very imaginative. Do you still have this turtle? If so, How is it doing?


  4. Hi Kristin
    I liked how you said that the turtle in your garden was an explorer and always hides in her shell when she gets scared like when the sprinkler goes of.
    Thanks for the great poem Kristin.

    • Hi Tharuja,

      I’m glad you like my poems. I get ideas for poems from everywhere! Any time I see something beautiful, or funny, or interesting, I see if I can make it into a poem.


  5. Hi Kristen
    that poem was surprising to me because when was in year 2 we had a turtle as a class pet and she was not an explorer she mostly just sat around since then I thought they just lazy animals. But that poem changed way I think about turtles.Also did the turtle have a name?

    • Hi Thinara,

      I have four pet turtles, and Emily is the one I wrote this poem about. She likes to explore our backyard. Speedy does too- he can be very fast when he wants to.


  6. I thought the poem was about a girl and then a snail until I saw the picture of the turtle. I like how she goes into the unknown and discovers new territories.

    It reminds me of the time I went to the Hastings caves discovering something so big that was millions of years old.

  7. Dear Kristin
    I love your poem. It was so descriptive. My favourite part was when you said “Then she hides in her shell.” I like it because it was at the end and that’s the bit that gave away that it was a turtle. Keep up the good poem.

  8. Hi Kristin
    My first thought was you were talking about a person but then when I saw the pictures I knew it was a turtle.

  9. I like tortoises and turtles we gat lots of animals from the bush come exploring at our house a couple of weeks ago we had an echidna come visit

  10. I really like how you didn’t mention what the creature was in the poem but I’m guessing it was a turtle that you were talking about. You also used your imagination to turn the garden into an unknown territory. Most people I meet don’t have ant imagination. What I also like about it is the words that you used, like “territory” and “voyages” and “terrain”. Do you have a pet tortoise or turtle? I would like one but I still don’t have one yet.What inspired you to write this poem anyway?


    • Hi Thisail,

      I have four pet turtles. I’m glad you like the words I used when describing one of them (Emily). I thought a lot about choosing more interesting words.


  11. Truly I thought you are taking about snails……but when you say when she get scared hidden in a shell I realize its a about tortoise. Your words and picture made in my mind motivate me to read and find it out. Such a lovely poem. Soo much happ.

  12. Hi Kristin
    I love this poem at first I thought you were writing about a snail.
    I didn’t realise it was a turtle until I seen the picture
    this is one of my favourite poems
    From Kiara

    • Hi Methuli,

      You’re right. It is a turtle! That one is my pet turtle, Emily. She eats the turtle food I buy from the pet shop. It has meat, fish and vegetables in it.


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