I’m Up To No Good

I’m up to no good
and I think that you should
be ever so wary of me.
While you may know me well,
you still cannot tell
what my next act of mischief will be.

I may dig a hole
with my spoon and my bowl
in the middle of our kitchen floor.
Then I’d pull out a rug
to disguise where I’ve dug
and wait…well, you know what for.

Or maybe I might
take your toothpaste one night
and squeeze out the tube down the sink.
Then I’d replace all the paste
with a disgusting taste
like wasabi, or that sunscreen with zinc.

So you’d better beware
and certainly take care
if you want to spend time around me.
‘Cause I’m up to no good
and you know that I could
have done something that you did not see.



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