A Walk by the Sea

I went for a walk
alone by the sea
but the water kept me company.

I whispered to it
as I walked on its sand
and told it of all the things I planned.

It whispered to me
as I walked on its shore
and told me secrets from long before.

I went for a walk
with my friend the sea
and we kept each other company.



This poem is also published in Countdown, Issue No.8, The School Magazine, September 2016 and in Paint the Sky, Kristin Martin, Ginninderra Press, 2016.

24 thoughts on “A Walk by the Sea

  1. Hi Kristin

    What did the ocean say to you?

    I went to the beach today but I didn’t see you there. But you must have been at another beach or you could have went to the beach later or not today.


    • Hi Halle,

      I went to the beach at Port Noarlunga, in South Australia, yesterday.

      I wrote this poem years ago about a beach I went to when I was on holiday. I imagined the sea said lots of things to me.


  2. It was short and sweet. Doesn’t everyone want to be with the beach, so peaceful. It makes you feel like you belong there.

  3. I chose this poem because I like going to the beach. And like being alone with a very good friend of mine. It made me feel happy. The beach is one of my favourite places.

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