A Stormy Day at School

Written with assistance from Room 17 Year 3 students at Fulham North Primary School, 2018.

The mud around our classroom looks like melted chocolate.
The wind rattling the window
sounds as loud as an ice-cream truck!
My wet socks in my soggy shoes smell like mouldy donuts.
The hail hitting the veranda tastes like an icy milkshake
when I place some on my tongue.
And after school,
the puddles I jump in feel like mushy apple pies.

I wonder why I’m so hungry when I finally get home?

26 thoughts on “A Stormy Day at School

  1. I always love it when it rains at school because we get to stay inside and we play hide & seek.
    Did you enjoy the rainy days when you went to school?

  2. Hi kristin,
    This poem reminded a stormy day at my school. I like to play in the rain but my mum doesn’t let me go.
    thanks for the interesting poem.


  3. Hi Kristin
    I really like how you described everything with found. I found this poem really funny. When I read this poem I felt really Hungry I mean donuts, Icy milkshakes apple pies won’t that make you hungry?


    • Hi Kristin
      I really like the imagination and thought that you put into this poem. When you were young did you like school and what was your favourite subject back then?


      • Hi Tharusha,

        Thanks for your comment. I liked going to primary school. I particularly liked writing, though I wasn’t great at it. I have become better with practise.


  4. to kristin
    i love staying in for reses and lunch because you can do all sorts of things in that time like
    play on computers or color a picture
    from charlotte

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