My Grandparents’ Zoo

My Grandparents live in a zoo.
It really does seems like they do.
Their house is full of animals!
And there’re heaps in their garden, too.

There are three dogs; Jess, Phebe and Ben,
a tank with some fish- at least ten.
That sounds rather normal you say?
I’ll tell what’s in their laundry, then!

They’ve at least seven bird-cages
with birds of different ages,
from a helpless baby galah
to old Mag, who rants and rages.

Three aviaries out the backdoor
(they’re planning to build a few more)
keep safe a whole covey of birds-
I counted at least thirty-four!

Lorikeets and budgerigars,
rosellas and cheeky galahs,
a silly old white cockatoo
that hangs upside down on the bars!

There’re twenty-three ducks on the lawn-
which is starting to look a bit worn
by the waddles of forty-six feet!
(Because the ducks are not yet airborne.)

One pet is a bit hard to see-
he’s dug himself under their tree-
a turtle who’s still rather shy,
so they tend to just let him be.

The funniest one of them all
is Possum- who’s still very small-
who likes to hide up Grandma’s shirt
with his claws out so he won’t fall.

So you see,
my grandparents live in a zoo.
It’s a great place to visit, it’s true,
but I’m ever so glad I don’t live there
because everything’s covered in POO!



A version of this poem appears in Tadpoles in the Torrens, Poems for young readers,edited by Jude Aquilina, Wakefield Press, 2013.

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