Little Lost Doggy

Where, oh where, has that little dog gone?
I have no idea where he’d be.
I’ve searched all over the house, three times,
and he’s nowhere that I can see.

He’s not beneath the covers this time,
or hidden in one of your drawers.
He’s not fallen down behind the couch
or hiding behind cupboard doors.

I’ve tipped the boxes out on the floor
and sifted through all of the junk.
I’ve looked behind the books on the shelf
and inside the old wooden trunk.

I’ve looked outside on the trampoline
and even looked up in the tree.
He’s not behind the new water tank.
I simply don’t know where he’d be.

I’m terribly sorry my darling,
but unless you can tell me where,
I won’t search for him a second more.
You’ll just have to sleep with your bear.




47 thoughts on “Little Lost Doggy

  1. Dear kristin one time we were on holiday and my brother left his teddy bear there and he got home and realized that it wasent there devistating right

  2. The poem was cute but sad because the toy doggy was lost
    but im glad the bear was there, I still sleep with my bear and unicorn and I would be upset if my toys were not in bed with me
    Really liked your poem Kristin

    • Hi Hollie,

      Thanks for your comment. I wrote this poem about my son and his toy dog. He would lose it for days at a time, but he always found it eventually.

      Your bear and unicorn sound lovely.


  3. I don’t own a dog but if I did and it went missing I wouldn’t be able to sleep at all at night even with a teddy bear. I’m glad that the dog was found the next day though.

  4. Please take a break and start searching again coz then only you tend to think the places you have not search as your mind is fresh . But as poem says do not stop searching him coz he might be in danger.

  5. I think that this is a sad poem because you lost your dog and dogs are the best. At least you have your teddy bear. Did you really lose your dog? What inspired you to write about this anyway?

  6. Hi kritin,
    I always like to read poems about dogs. But this is bit sad becasuse this dog went missing. I also have a little soft toy doggy on my bed.

    Thank you for your lovely poem


  7. Hi Kristin,
    this poem reminded me of when I see dogs in Sri-Lanka. I feel sorry for them . I imagine what it would feel like being kicked out of your house.
    kind regards Tirath

  8. This poem is just like me, I lose my toys all the time but eventually I find it in the most unusual places.
    From Lysha

  9. I felt lost myself when I read the poem. It is so lonely and scary for a toy to be lost because it is like your best friend. It is a lovely sad poem.

    – Thisama

    • I was inspired by my son. He used to leave his toy dog in the strangest places when he was little. I spent a lot of time looking for it. Once I found it in a teapot!

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