Frances Was a Lion

Frances was a lion,
though he thought he was a bear,
and because he was a lion
he had an awful lot of hair.

His hair was golden brown
and fell long around his head,
though on every other part of him
his hair fell short instead.

Now, Frances the lion,
who thought he was a bear,
thought that he should hibernate,
though he could not think of where.

He did not know of caves
as all those real bears do,
so he slowly wandered to and fro,
then wandered fro and to.

Until Frances the lion,
who thought he was a bear,
found his way into a little house
where he found Grandma’s chair.

He placed his massive body
with his lovely golden hair
upon the cosy cushions and
began to hibernate right there.

Now Frances the lion,
who thought he was a bear,
had just drifted off to sleep,
when Grandma saw him there.

Well, she saw his golden hair
that fell long around his head,
and didn’t think he was a lion,
but her granddaughter instead.

Then Frances the lion,
who thought he was a bear,
awoke wrapped in a giant hug
from Grandma, in her chair.

Frances purred with happiness.
He felt so safe and sound.
He didn’t feel at all confused
but felt like he’d been found.

Frances was a lion,
who once thought he was a bear,
but he doesn’t care now what he is,
as long as Grandma’s there.



2 thoughts on “Frances Was a Lion

  1. Hi Kristin, well done with your poems, I have enjoyed reading them tonight! I think I like this one the best as I can picture the lion (who thinks he’s a bear!) cuddled up with Grandma. I do like the pocket one as well as it can be rather traumatic sticking your hand into your child’s pocket and not knowing what you might find! :)

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