If Clouds Were Beds


If clouds were beds then I would sleep
upon a cloud that’s soft and deep.
A cumulus cloud, that’s its name,
though as a name it’s rather lame,
because it doesn’t make you think
of fluffy clouds in which you’d sink
like into soft caressing sheets,
nor how you’d lie and dream of treats,
or winning that important game!
So, bed-cloud is a better name.

If clouds were cars then I would race
a wispy cloud, high up near space.
A cirrus cloud is what they say:
that doesn’t seem a place I’d play.
It doesn’t sound a bit like ‘car’
or sound like it could travel far.
I want a simple name that shows
a cloud that goes and goes and goes!
A cloud that’s fast and fun to use,
so, car-cloud is the name I choose.

If clouds were homes then mine would be
one stretching far as you can see.
A stratus cloud is what it’s called,
but that name doesn’t say its sprawled.
It doesn’t say a wide, flat field,
where there’d be ample space to build.
I’d build a house for everyone,
a garden where we’d play and run,
and even an enormous shed.
So, I call those home-clouds instead.



First published in Orbit, Issue 9, The School Magazine, October 2016.

This poem also appears in Australian Children’s Poetry as a Poem of the Day.

8 thoughts on “If Clouds Were Beds

  1. Hi Kristin,
    Actually i think that clouds are made of steam .for example
    if we got a hot large river the steam is coming up so it gose to the clouds and it joins to another cloud then it makes a large cloud.But this is really wonderful dream.i love it .

    • Hi Methuli,

      I like that you are thinking about clouds. They are made up of water vapour, so I couldn’t really play in them, but I like to dream about it.


  2. We enjoyed reading this tonight and Caitlin is going to see if she can find a bed cloud tomorrow. Tate liked the racing clouds… of course!

    Well done, Kristin. It reminded me of a Dr Seuss book with the structure of each line.


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