Written with assistance from the year 3 students at Prospect Primary School, 2016


Some cats are big
and eat like a pig.

Some cats are small
and are not much at all.

Some cats are bold.
They don’t do what they’re told.

Some cats are shy.
They like to creep by.

Some cats are mean
and shouldn’t be seen.

Some cats are snappy.
They make me unhappy.

Some cats are rough.
I’ve had enough!

But my cat is sweet.
She’s the best cat to meet.

53 thoughts on “Cats

  1. Awwwww! This poem is so sweet. My cat is definetly a Bold Cat. Her name is Amy. She is Black and white, and she is 11 yrs old.

  2. I Kristin,
    I read your poem about dogs. Its pretty good to imagine having a great pet like dogs. I don’t trust cats but I trust this one.


  3. I think my cat has all of these things depending on how she react. She is medium so she can be big (after meal) or small (before meal..specially in the morning) I love soft words and simple explanation.

  4. Hello Kristen. This poem is awesome and I totally agree with you! Cats are big and snappy and mean and also lazy. I feel like a cat now that I have read this poem!

  5. Hi Kristin,
    I like your writing. Rhyming is excellent.
    Cats are lazy and unlike dogs they don’t do what I ask to do. Sometimes they scratch us. But my friend’s cat is innocent and I love his cat.

  6. My Friends have 2 ragdoll cats they are so cute. I like cats if they stay inside because they can hurt birds and lizards if they are allowed out. that’s sad.
    Cadence K

    • Thank you. I do hope they like my poems. 🙂
      I wrote this one with a class at a school I was visiting for the day. It is fun to share my poems with school children.

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