Playground Fight


At school today I saw a fight!
It really was an awful sight.
I watched them wrestle in the dirt–
it looked like they were getting hurt!

They kicked and scratched there in plain view
of Mrs Smith– what would she do?
I stared transfixed as she stalked up
to those two foes- their time was up!

She put her hands upon her hips.
What reprimand would pass her lips?
“Go on, you two,” she said. That’s all.
That’s all it took to end the brawl.

Those fighters leapt into the air
and flew away to who knows where.
I think those birds forgot the rule
that you must never fight at school.

34 thoughts on “Playground Fight

  1. I feel that Mrs. Smith did the right thing in stopping the fight as fighting is horrible and can lead to horrible consequences. I also liked the use of rhyme in this poem as it added a more poetic feel.

  2. Hello Kristen. Thisali here!
    I didn’t know that there was a rule for no fighting at school. Boys in our school literally fight for fun. They fight until blood comes out of themselves! Once the f word came out of one of their mouths! I cant believe how they like doing that!


  3. Hi
    It’s me Dinidu again. This poem reminded me a fight at my old school once. I ran to a teacher and said about the fight. But when the teacher comes they ran away.
    Thank you for the poem.


  4. This was a great poem, and although I don’t like fighting either, I thought this poem was very funny. I can’t believe they were birds fighting.

  5. It is very naughty to fight at school. We shouldn’t fight each other as someone could get hurt and go to hospital.
    Ashton B

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