The Gecko at my Kitchen Window


There’s a gecko at the window
and she’s looking in at me.

Are you hungry, little gecko?
Would you like to have some tea?

I have chops and mashed potato,
You can share it all with me.

There’s a moth that’s come to join—
That’s what you eat for tea.



30 thoughts on “The Gecko at my Kitchen Window

  1. Hello Kristen!
    Was the gecko your pet or was it just some random gecko at your window?
    Do you like geckos at all? I’m sorry I ask too much questions. Geckos are really cool and I do hope you agree with me. It’s kind of scary when you mentioned that the gecko has the moth for tea because I don’t like talking about eating animals.

  2. Hi Kristin
    This gecko reminds me of a gecko I saw at my holiday in .
    By the way are all these poems true stories?
    From Lysha

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