Last Night I Saw Something

Last night I saw something that
I’d never seen before.
This something that I’d never seen
was right outside my door.

It made me gasp aloud with shock
the moment that I saw it.
The something was so big and red
I couldn’t dare ignore it.

I quickly jumped out of my bed,
tip-toed across the floor.
I had to know about this thing
I hadn’t seen before.

As soon as I crept close to it
my heart began to race.
I saw the thing was not a thing
because it had a face!

My body shook from head to toe,
my mind was full of fear.
There was someone that I’d never seen
and he was very near.

I stared in shock at his red coat,
his boots of blackest black.
I saw the pompom on his hat,
the bulging big red sack.

And then I had to laugh out loud.
You know why, I’m sure.
That someone was not scary at all.
It was Santa that I saw.


This poem also appears on the website Australian Children’s Poetry as a Poem of the Day.

35 thoughts on “Last Night I Saw Something

  1. Dear Kristen
    That poem was very interesting!!! Your creativity is really really amazing! At first the poem was scary then all of a sudden it was SANTA! What a great poem Kristen.
    From Thinara

  2. Hi Kristin
    Your poem was almost like connecting Christmas and Halloween together. Scary, then SANTA!! I loved this poem and it was very funny. Where did you get the inspiration for this poem from?

  3. That was a funny poem.
    I think the boy was scared but after he saw Santa properly he laughed because he was happy!

  4. Dear Kristin
    I read your poems. I like them. I like rhymes. I liked the one with green goo. This one is scary. You’re right, there is something scary about Santa. Keep up the good work!

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