Yellow Jack


I have a pet canary,
I call him Yellow Jack.
He has white feathers on his wings
and yellow on his back.

I love my pet canary,
I feed him every day.
I put fresh seeds into his bowl;
he pecks them straight away.

My dearest pet canary,
I love to hear him sing.
He chirps and cheeps to me each day
and even more in spring.

My lovely pet canary,
I watch him day and night.
Today I watched him lay an egg.
I think her name’s not right.



41 thoughts on “Yellow Jack

  1. I chose this poem because I love birds. It was really funny and I liked how you described yellow Jack to the reader. This poem reminds me of my pet budgie called Horris.

    When I read your poem I can picture a yellow bird. The words that I liked were “my dearest pet canary”. It sounds like you really love your bird.

    The poem rhymed and the ending was a surprise and very funny!

    I love this poem sooooooooo much!

    Evie, 10 years old.

    • Hi Evie,

      Thank you for your absolutely lovely comment. I appreciate the time and thought you put into writing it. Do you have a beloved pet? If you do, you could write a poem about it. I’d love to read it.


  2. Hi Kristin,
    I love your poems and I love how you use lots of rhyming words. I have only read one of your poems, but I will read more.
    I also really like how you made it funny at the end of the poem that it was a girl not a boy.
    From Chethi

  3. Hi Kristin,
    Your poem is great. I like birds to and I am going to make a bird feeder out of a pin corn.
    This reminded me the poem you wrote “Playground Fight” because their is a bird.

  4. Hi Kristin I really liked this poem because it was really cute.
    I am scared of birds because of the way they move their head.


  5. Hi Kristen! I really like the last bit of the poem because it is really funny! I really like your poems because they are so fun to read.

    • Hi Thenumi,

      Thanks for your comment. One of the responsibilities of having a pet bird is cleaning out their cage. But you have to be careful they don’t fly away when you are cleaning it!


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