A Spider Lives in our Mailbox


A spider lives in our mailbox,
she’s big and hairy and black.
She waved ‘hello’ to the postie
and then he never came back.

That spider inside our mailbox
spun an enormous egg sac.
The junk-mail deliverer saw her
and then he never came back.

The babies hatched in our mailbox,
they’re cute and tiny and black.
Now Dad is making a mailbox;
he won’t take the old one back!




20 thoughts on “A Spider Lives in our Mailbox

    • Hi Harry,

      I think the dad would be annoyed, though the poem is fiction. I have had a spider in my mailbox, and she did have babies there, but I didn’t mind.


  1. Sorry I’m late coming to this conversation Kristin, but I’d like to know about how Dad makes the new mailbox a spider-free zone, and whether he is successful at it …

    Cheers, and thanks for your fantastic workshop this morning, you were great!

    • Poor Dad, it didn’t work. The spiders moved into the new mailbox pretty quickly!

      I really enjoyed presenting the workshop on writing and publishing children’s poetry. I’m happy to do more workshops.

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