Jeffrey Likes Making Rockets


Jeffrey liked painting and he liked show and tell.
He liked sitting with June, and with Billy as well.
He liked making rockets with boxes and glue,
and listening to stories and writing them too.
But he hated recess and he couldn’t stand lunch,
because of those boys who sat ’round in that bunch.

‘Hey, Jeffrey,’ they’d yell, ‘Yo, Jeffrey, come here!’
‘Show us your fire engine face,’ they would sneer.
And, sure as could be, Jeffrey’s face would turn red –
the colour of fire engines, just like they said.
The boys would all point and bend over with laughter
as Jeffrey slinked by with their laughs chasing after.

‘Don’t listen,’ said Billy. ‘Ignore them,’ said June.
‘They’re just being bullies, they’ll get sick of it soon.’
But Jeffrey felt mad, and embarrassed too.
His tummy felt squirmy and he thought he might spew.
‘I’m never, ever, ever going to school again!’
He said it every day, and he meant it… but then…
he did so like stories and writing was fun.
And painting was the best thing that he’d ever done.
Then the rocket he was building with Billy and June
was very nearly ready to fly to the moon!

So the next day he reluctantly set off to school.
Painting was first – it was ever so cool!
He painted a picture of him on the moon
doing jumps in the air with Billy and June.
It was the best thing he’d painted – he felt really proud.
‘What a wonderful morning,’ he said out aloud.

At recess he went out with his friends June and Billy,
but his knees started shaking and his shoulders felt chilly.
Hey, tomato head!’ Jeffrey heard the bunch holler.
Make sure you don’t trip, or you’ll get sauce down your collar.’
Of course Jeffrey’s face turned a bright shade of red –
as red as the tomato sauce on his bread.
While the boys laughed and rolled about on the ground
Jeffrey’s heart really started to pound.
‘I’ve had it!’ he shouted and ran back to the room.
He got in the rocket and blasted off… ZOOOOOOOOM!

As he soared into space in the rocket he’d made
the boys’ horrid laughter started to fade.
Before very long, all he could hear
was the hum of him leaving the Earth’s atmosphere.
While all he could see was the inky black darkness,
the occasional star, and the moon’s shiny whiteness.
He turned and looked back at the planet – so small –
that bully bunch couldn’t be seen at all.

But the moon was approaching, he needed to land
so he pressed the right knobs, and braced with his hand.
The rocket swayed wildly like in a typhoon.
Then it was still – he’d touched down on the moon!

Jeffrey leaped from the rocket and jumped off the ground.
He cartwheeled and star jumped and danced all around.
The craters looked thrilling— inviting a climb
but he thought he could do that another time —
when he’d bring his good friends Billy and June.
So he boarded his rocket and waved ‘bye’ to the moon.

Before very long he was back with his class
and he smiled with confidence at what had just passed.

At lunch he went out with his friends June and Billy
but his tummy wasn’t squirmy and his shoulders weren’t chilly.
‘Hey, come here cherry cheeks!’ the bunch said.
But he simply ignored them and his cheeks didn’t flush red.
Those boys shrugged their shoulders and then walked away.
And they never did tease Jeffrey after that day.

So now Jeffrey likes painting and he likes show and tell.
He likes sitting with June, and with Billy as well.
He likes making rockets with boxes and glue,
and listening to stories and writing them too.
But he loves recess, and lunch – he adores
because he flies to the moon, with Billy and June, and explores.

15 thoughts on “Jeffrey Likes Making Rockets

    • Hi Dinethri,

      Thank you so much for your comment. I am so glad that you think my poems talk about you. That is what I try to do in my poems- have the reader think it is about them!

      I am glad the bullies leave you alone now.


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