Some dogs are scary.
You have to be wary.

Some dogs are fat.
They could squash you flat.

Some dogs are tiny
and yappy and whiny.

Some dogs are old
and can’t do what they’re told.

Some dogs are jumpy.
They make me feel grumpy.

Some dogs are fast.
I just watch them run past.

Some dogs are busy
and rush round till they’re dizzy.

But my dog is great.
She’s my very best mate.


This poem also appears on the website Australian Children’s Poetry as a Poem of the Day.

21 thoughts on “Dogs

  1. you do amazing poems and your a great aurthor. You came to Prospect Primary School, you came to room 7 and 8 on 12/9/16. you are an fantasmagosmical rhyming person. by Emma

  2. Hi Kristin i have a dog as well as your friend’s dog. Mine is a lovely Chihuahua called Billie, she’s one of a kind. BTW you are a teacher in my school F.N.P.S. From Cameron

    • Thank you Dakota. It’s not actually my dog (I don’t have one) but I like to imagine what my dog would be like if I had one. Or maybe I’m just pretending to be someone who has a dog.

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