Some dogs are scary.
You have to be wary.

Some dogs are fat.
They could squash you flat.

Some dogs are tiny
and yappy and whiny.

Some dogs are old
and can’t do what they’re told.

Some dogs are jumpy.
They make me feel grumpy.

Some dogs are fast.
I just watch them run past.

Some dogs are busy
and rush round till they’re dizzy.

But my dog is great.
She’s my very best mate.


This poem also appears on the website Australian Children’s Poetry as a Poem of the Day.

97 thoughts on “Dogs

  1. i love this poem as much as i love dogs and believe me i love dogs

    p.s i am part of the childrens university program

  2. Hi Kristen
    In that poem you showed the diversity of dogs in our world also how old and what is the name of our dog?

  3. Hi Kristin
    I read this poem by my self. It reminded me of when I got my puppy it’s name his Bentley he was so fluffy when he was born.
    In the poem I really liked the rhyming. I love the way you picked dogs alot of verses made me laugh like when it said some dogs are fat they could squash you flat. Overall I really loved your poem.

    • Hi Haydn,

      thanks for your lovely comment. I’m glad you like my poem, and that you read it all by yourself. Are you on school holidays at the moment? I am! (I’m a teacher as well as a poet)


    • Hi Amelia,

      Thanks for your comment. Dogs are a lot of responsibility. I don’t have one, but I like seeing other people’s dogs. Dp you?


  4. Hi Kristin, I really enjoyed your poem about dogs, it made me think about when we got our puppy. My brothers and I really wanted a dog for such a long time and finally one day my mum and dad surprised us with a puppy. When he was little we didn’t know what he would be like. As he grows his personality is starting to shine, he is cheeky and cute, loves shoes and sitting by the fire and he can run really fast. All dogs are different but we love our dog the best.

    • Hi Annie,

      Thank you for your lovely comment. Your dog sounds gorgeous. Have you ever written a poem about him? I thought your descriptions would make a good start to a poem.


  5. I love dogs too. I wish I had a dog. We look after dogs sometimes for friends and I love taking them for walks and playing ball with them

    • Hi Reid,

      Thanks for your comment. It’s nice that you can play with your friends’ dogs. I don’t have a dog either, but I like seeing other people’s dogs.


  6. Dogs are scary because they bitten me but they can be a good friends. I also like the sounds of this poem from Roshani

  7. Hi Kristen,
    I really enjoyed your poem about dogs. My family recently got a new puppy. His name is Jasper and he is a Golden Retriever. He is 4 and a half months old and gets up to lots of mischief!
    We love him though – he is really cute and I’ve taught him to do tricks like sit, drop, wait, and hold his paw out to shake our hands. It’s pretty cool!
    My favourite part of your poem is …
    Some dogs are busy
    and rush round till they’re dizzy.
    It reminds me of my dog when he runs in circles and tries to chase his tail!
    From Leo

  8. This poem shows that each dog is unique in its own way and I love the use of rhyme. Personally, I would like a small fluffy dog that is quite cute to look at. I don’t have any pets and I would love to have a dog.

    • Hi Chomilka,

      Thank you for your comment. A small fluffy dog sounds like a great pet to have. I don’t actually have a pet dog, I have turtles and a bearded dragon.


  9. I love the way this poem rhymes as well as the meaning behind it. The way animals can be so different in their personalities and behaviour. Your poem makes me think of how my dogs are so different from one another.

  10. hi Kristin,
    I really liked this poem. It reminded me of the 4 dogs my grand parents have in Sri-Lanka. 3 of them are dachshund dogs 1 is a Labrador. I love playing tag a wore with the Labrador.
    Kind regards Tirath.

  11. Hello Kristen! I am so glad you made a poem about dogs! Dogs are the best right? This poem makes me feel like a dog. I read your awesome cat poem and that one makes me feel like a cat! I had so much fun reading this poem that I kept reading it again and again and I couldn’t stop. Keep up with the good work Kristen!

  12. Hi Kristin
    I liked your poem. I’ve also read your cat one. I wish I had a pet but my mum says that it is too much work, but I think I can handle I just need to get the hang of it.
    From Lysha

  13. Hi Kristin
    I love this poem. It is just like the cat poem, which I love. So obviously I love this one too.


  14. Hi
    I really enjoyed the poem. I’m going to copy the poem to show my teacher and the classmates because it was funny.
    “Some dogs are busy
    and rush round till they’re dizzy”
    This part is my favourite

  15. to kristin
    i really love your poem about dogs because i really love dogs and this poem showed all dogs are different
    from charlotte

  16. Hi Kristen,

    I have a puppy that is really fast and is called Molly. She is 10 months old and is very silly. I also have to dogs that are tiny and very very VERY yippy and yappy. Also she is my very best friend that is not at school, because we play together take walks and well everything together except sleep because she would be hurt if she slept with me.

  17. Hi
    I know a dog who is tiny and yappy and whiny. I also know a dog that is jumpy and makes me grumpy she is also really fast. My puppy is the best.Her name is Milly.

  18. you do amazing poems and your a great aurthor. You came to Prospect Primary School, you came to room 7 and 8 on 12/9/16. you are an fantasmagosmical rhyming person. by Emma

  19. Hi Kristin i have a dog as well as your friend’s dog. Mine is a lovely Chihuahua called Billie, she’s one of a kind. BTW you are a teacher in my school F.N.P.S. From Cameron

    • Thank you Dakota. It’s not actually my dog (I don’t have one) but I like to imagine what my dog would be like if I had one. Or maybe I’m just pretending to be someone who has a dog.

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