A Night of Frogs


A frog lives in our garden
in a pond beneath the tree.
I hear it croak at bedtime
as it says ‘goodnight’ to me.

A frog lives near our driveway
on a post below the light.
I sneak outside to see it
’cause it’s only there at night.

A frog lives in our laundry
in the corner of the wall.
I check on it soon after
to make sure it didn’t fall.

A frog lives in our kitchen
in the space behind the sink.
It freezes in the torchlight
when I get myself a drink.

A frog lives in our bathroom
and I don’t know what to do!
It isn’t where it should be!
Yuk! It’s swimming in the loo!

My mum comes in the bathroom,
plants a kiss upon my head.
‘The frogs are fine just where they are
but you should be in bed!’


This poem is also published on the website Australian Children’s Poetry as a Poem of the Day.

47 thoughts on “A Night of Frogs

  1. Hi Kristin,
    I love frogs we get them in our garden and sometimes in the pool. If they are in the pool I have to rescue them.

  2. Hello Kristen!!!!!!!!!
    Creative poem. Me and my family have not dealt with frogs yet but I’m sure it would be Awesome. Frogs are really cool and I am not sure why most people are scared of them. What inspired you to write this poem and why?

  3. We were having lot of fun with frogs when we were Sri Lanka and this poem remind me those days. I dont like to touch them but like to observe them. My mam said when they were in school they had a lesson in science to learn about frogs and they truly kill the frogs and cut them which I dont like at all. I love animals and nature. Your poem made my day!

  4. Hi Kristin
    I really like this poem because it reminded me of the time we went to Sri-Lanka and there were frogs in the bathroom.


  5. Hi Kristin,
    I really enjoyed your poem. It painted a picture of frogs all over the house! It was very creative.


  6. Hi Kristin,
    we get frogs in our pool, they come in when it rains. we scoop them out to save their lives, but they jump back in again.
    Cadence K

  7. I love your poem.Frogs are very gross if you’re holding it in your hands their very slimy and gooey but you have to remove it so you have to touch it.

  8. We really enjoyed reading this poem about frogs. I hope you had a great time when you went up north.

    Jay and Drew

    • Thank you. The graphic is a PaintMee of a photo I took in Northern Territory. We found frogs in all sorts of places, including the toilet. Which is where I got the idea for the poem!

  9. Hi Kristin
    I love this poem! As always with your work I was waiting for the funny twist at the end and I was not disappointed!!
    Looking forward to reading it to my kids.

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