The Wise Old Flamingo

The flamingo is the oldest of the creatures at the zoo.
He’s lived for many, many years
and seems quite happy too.

So he’s the perfect animal to go to for advice
on how to live a life that’s long
and also one that’s nice.

I went to see him yesterday at his pond in the zoo.
I waded in and asked that bird
just what I ought to do.

He didn’t say a single thing, there really was no need,
his actions spoke as loud as words
right there amongst the weed.

He showed me clearly in that pond the perfect way to be:
stand silently on just one foot,
in water,


36 thoughts on “The Wise Old Flamingo

  1. Hi Kristin,
    this poem reminded me of when I went to the zoo. but we couldn’t see the flamingo my dad said that it must have died. The next week our mother told us that my dad was right they had put down the flamingo because it was too old. now the hippo is the oldest animal in the zoo.
    sad and kind regards Tirath

    • Hi Tirath,

      When I wrote this poem the flamingo was the oldest animal in the Adelaide Zoo, but it died a few years ago. I didn’t know the hippo was now the oldest animal there.


  2. Hi Kristin
    I really like this poem.
    After doing a little bit of research I found out Chile the one who died recently was the last Flamingo in Australia. Very Sad
    regards Yenuli

  3. Did you see this flamingo at the Adelaide zoo? Because I went there last year and there was only one very old flamingo left. Love your poem.

  4. I enjoyed this poem a lot! Did you know that the scientific name for flamingo is Phoenicopteridae?


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